August 8, 2022

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Impressed! This Cool Looks Like a 100 Thousand Banknote Under Ultraviolet Light

Paper money has become a legal tender in Indonesia until now. The form of Indonesian banknotes for each nominal itself is always different.

However, the design still depicts the wealth of the archipelago. Talking about banknotes, recently, social media has been shocked by the appearance of IDR 100 thousand when under ultraviolet light it can be very cool.

“OMG, just found out that Rupiah is this cool,” written in the video as quoted by, Monday (27/6/2022).

Video footage uploaded from the viralinbro Instagram social media account shows how cool a 100 thousand rupiah bill looks under ultraviolet light. There are various images that are unique to Indonesia on the Rp 100 thousand bill.

There is a picture of a bird in the Rp 100 thousand bill. The striking image on this note is the stars on the back side.

There are also pictures of flowers here. Not only that, in the Rp 100 thousand bill, it turns out that there is also a picture of batik.

Right above the Soekarno-Hatta photo, the batik image looks clear and beautiful. Interestingly, the image of batik is like being in the shadow of the photo of the two proclaimers of Indonesia.

The batik image also splits between the photos of the two. Don’t forget the BI writing is clearly visible under ultraviolet light.

100 thousand rupiah notes under ultraviolet light. (Instagram/viralinbro)

The rupiah currency released by BI itself is among the safest money in the world. Rupiah has a very complex three-level security system.

Level 1 (open), securing the authenticity of money that can be detected without any tools, is enough with 3D, namely, seeing, touching, and seeing. Level 2 (semi-closed), money security that can be detected with simple tools such as an ultraviolet lamp and a magnifying glass. Level 3 (closed), security that can only be detected using a sorting machine from the Central Bank or laboratory equipment.

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After just a few hours of uploading, this video about the cool form of IDR 100 thousand under ultraviolet light has already received 79.5 thousand views on Instagram reels. Netizens immediately flooded the comments column for the video upload to write various responses.

“Like this, it’s safe to fake it, it’s really sad,” a netizen commented.

“Well, it’s safe, but I think if the money with tape still sells, I think the security is still lacking,” another said.

“Now there are counterfeit money that is illuminated by UV with the BI logo on,” said another netizen.