December 1, 2022

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Important! These are 4 Ways to Do Trauma Healing for Children After Natural Disasters

Every time a natural disaster occurs or a bad event that befalls many people, there must be a post trauma healing specially prepared for children who are victims of natural disasters. Is it actually important that trauma healing activities are given to children after natural disasters?

As adults, they can respond to natural disasters as a series of destiny that must happen. They are more able to accept this incident gracefully than children who still do not understand the reasons behind these bad events.

Natural disasters are indeed a nightmare for everyone. But for children, the incident will leave a deeper imprint on their memory. Not infrequently this can become a prolonged trauma.

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Therefore, activities trauma healing very useful for overcoming the trauma of children who are victims of natural disasters, so it is very important to do this. Then, how to do trauma healing in children?

Quoted from the article The Asian Parentshere are some ways parents can do to provide treatment trauma healing for children to overcome their trauma after natural disasters.

1. Invite discussions and accompany them

As a parent, it is appropriate for you to ask about your children’s feelings after experiencing an unexpected natural disaster. This can make children more comfortable and feel safe so that it can lighten their burden.

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2. Limit social media

The influence of social media on children is indeed very difficult to control, especially when natural disasters occur, there must be a lot of media reporting on these events every minute.

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So that your child doesn’t get too lost in grief, make sure there’s nothing that can trigger them to remember bad events that have happened before.

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3. Invite children to socialize

Social activities that discuss how to deal with disasters will make children learn about the conditions that are currently happening. So that they will be more responsive about what things to do if one day the bad event happens to them again.

4. Contact a professional

If you are no longer able to do trauma healing, then you should immediately contact a professional who is better able to handle the trauma healing process for your child.

The faster you move, the faster the feeling of trauma in your child will be controlled so that it will not interfere with their next life.