July 2, 2022


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Ignored by fans, NCT’s Renjun is excited to send a complaint via Bubble Message

Today, Thursday (16/6/2022), NCT Dream resumed their promotional activities at the weekly music stage event M Countdown.

NCT Dream pre-recorded the stage performance for the song ‘Beatbox’ with 300 fans who joined in cheering their action on stage.

Quoting from the NCT fanbase Instagram account @nctzenareathere was one unique incident that happened to one of the NCT Dream members, namely, Renjun, who managed to embarrass him and sent a complaint through the Bubble application.

According to the message Renjun sent to the Bubble app, he shared the embarrassing incident after NCT Dream finished their recording for the weekly music stage M Countdown and was on their way home.

After finishing the pre-recording and on the way home, I saw one of the NCTzens waiting at the traffic light. So, I rolled down the car window to say hello. But unfortunately, the fan was actually engrossed in looking at his cellphone and I still waved my hand at him. Wkkkk… it feels really awkward,” Renjun wrote.

What do the people next to me think when they see me being ignored by fans? Wkkkkk … I’m so embarrassed when I remember it. Cry… cry, I think I’ll be traumatized. Next time while playing on your cellphone, please raise your head once in a while, I’ll definitely greet you …kekeke,” he continued.

Fans who read messages from Renjun actually felt sorry and excited at the same time. Of course, Renjun felt very embarrassed when he realized that he had been ignored by fans when he wanted to greet him.

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NCTzen (NCT fans) also left various responses about the funny incident that happened to Renjun. Here are some of them.

Please, it’s a shame to get here, Jun. Surely the fans who cheered you on will regret it after reading your message.”

Why is Renjun even so excited?

Just come here for the chest, Renjun, I’ll definitely give it back.”

Wow, she even clarified it on Twitter, she said that her eyes were minus, and she was still focusing on her cellphone, so she didn’t realize when Renjun greeted her. Why are idols and their fans excited like this, anyway?

Duh, regret this lifetime. Renjun has been smacking him but he doesn’t look. This precious opportunity was wasted. Renjun, shame on you, Jun, no response.”

And there are many other funny comments from NCTzens about the embarrassing incident that happened to Renjun this time.

Meanwhile, NCT Dream will also appear again on the weekly music event ‘Music Bank’ on June 17, 2022, which will be broadcast on KBS station.