December 6, 2022

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Ideal Lecturer, Pays Students to Eat Out while Guiding Thesis

There are many stories from students who have difficulty meeting their thesis supervisor. Even on campus, students sometimes cannot meet their lecturers for thesis guidance.

This of course interferes with the process of completing the thesis. However, not all lecturers are so difficult for students to find guidance.

There are lecturers who actually invite their students for guidance. A student posted a story to the collegemenfess Twitter account about her kind-hearted tutor.

The sender’s thesis supervisor is a male. The lecturer invited all his students to go to a restaurant.

The lecturer wants to do thesis guidance outside the campus. Even though out of 17 students under his guidance, only 5.

It’s not just guiding the students’ thesis one by one. The lecturer also invited his students to order food and he paid for it.

In the photo sent by the sender, the lecturer can be seen explaining the material for his students by writing on the blackboard. During the guidance process, the sender felt that the lecturer was very friendly and willing to mingle with the students.

Paid To Eat While Guiding Thesis

Lecturers pay their students to eat while guiding their thesis. (Twitter/collegemenfess)

Sender hopes that this kind-hearted supervisor can get a doctoral scholarship abroad.

“Please also pray for him to apply for a doctoral scholarship at LN. Hopefully he will be accepted and always be healthy. Enthusiasm for you thesis fighters. Hopefully the dosbing heart will soften,” said the sender as quoted by, Monday (13/06/2022).

Until this article was compiled, the sender’s tweet about his kind-hearted supervisor had already received 24.8 thousand likes. The comments column for the tweet was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who read it.

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“Those who don’t come don’t regret it. Moreover, you get a very kind-hearted lecturer like this. It’s very rare to waste time like that. Success is always for your lecturer,” netizen comments.

“I’m very lucky, it’s a success with my thesis. I hope my thesis dosbing is the same, amen,” another tweet.

“If my doctorate was like this, I certainly wouldn’t have to go to a psychologist because I was so stressed,” other responses.

“Oh my gosh, you’re really lucky, nder, I submitted a title to the wados and it didn’t get a response, even though when I chatted I saw it right away,” said another netizen.