December 1, 2022

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How to Remove Rust on Vehicles with Materials Around Us, Anything?

Over time, the tools in our homes or the vehicles we drive will rust. This brownish red substance will quickly form if it is in moisture.

Whether it’s kitchen utensils, vehicle engines or garden tools, they will eventually rust. The problem is, rust on vehicle tools will damage the appearance and of course damage the function of the tool.

So, how to prevent rust on tools at home, especially rust on vehicles?

Adapted from the page Family Handyman, There are several ways to get rid of rust on a vehicle, even though it can be used as a preventative.

1. Citric Acid

The first way is to use citric acid powder. You can easily buy it at a pastry shop and simply mix it with water.

The trick is to soak rusty vehicle tools in water that has been mixed with citric acid powder in a container. Soak a few minutes, then the rust will be soft by itself.

After that, you can clean the tool using a sponge or brush, then rinse with clean water.

2. Using Anti-Rust Coating Paint

The next way is to use anti-rust paint. Maybe this method is not widely used, but anti-rust paint is really effective.

You can apply it by repainting rusty vehicle tools using anti-rust paint. Trust me, this coating paint will keep your tools from having reddish-brown stains.

3. Using Gasoline

Take a look at the workshops. There are times when the mechanics there find a way to remove rust on vehicle tools. One of them uses gasoline.

Yes, the trick is to apply gasoline on a rusty utensil and then scrub and brush. Then your tools will be clean again.

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4. Used Oil

In addition to gasoline, it turns out that mechanics have a way to make rusty automotive tools shine again. One of them uses used oil.

The method is almost the same as the gasoline earlier. Apply used oil on the rusty object, rub and then brush.

5. Toothpaste

Yes, toothpaste can actually remove rust, you know. After applying toothpaste to a rusty utensil, try to let it sit for a while before you rub it with a rag.

Repeat this step until the rust on the tool is gone. As a result, your tools will come back like new.

Thus 5 ways to remove rust on vehicles with unusual materials. Hope you can help