March 21, 2023

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How Important is the Use of Pillows for Pregnant Women? Fact Check!

During pregnancy, many parts of the mother’s body undergo changes. This of course makes pregnant women feel uncomfortable with these changes, especially when sleeping. Therefore, many pregnant women have decreased sleep quality. Even though the duration and quality of sleep are important things that must be fulfilled by pregnant women. With good quality sleep, it can maintain the health of the mother and also the health of the fetus.

Because of this, pregnant women anticipate by using pillows designed specifically for pregnant women. But until now, it is still much debated.

Facts About the Importance of Using Pillows for Pregnancy

Summarizing from Halodoc, pregnancy pillows are specifically designed to support the comfort of pregnant women and their fetuses. Because during pregnancy, the shape of the mother’s body will experience a lot of changes, and those changes make the mother uncomfortable, especially during sleep.

Meanwhile, traditional pillows are made not to follow the body contours of pregnant women. This is what can cause pregnant women to experience back pain, leg cramps, and pelvic stiffness. So that in the end it is difficult for the mother to get sleep with duration and quality sleep to the point of insomnia.

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Thus it can be concluded that the use of pillows for pregnant women has a very important role for the health of pregnant women. Because traditional pillows cannot provide comfort for pregnant women, using these pillows can minimize stomach cramps, back pain, or other pregnancy pains.

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How Does a Pregnant Pillow Work?

The use of pillows for pregnant women is beneficial for 3 areas of the body. These areas are under the stomach, behind the back, and between the legs. These three areas are the central points that are believed to support the comfort of pregnant women while sleeping. So that mothers can fulfill quality sleep. The role of this pillow for pregnant women is:

1. Provide comfort for pregnant women to change positions during sleep

2. Keep your neck, hips and back aligned while sleeping.

3. Keep the feet parallel to each other to relieve pressure around the hips and pubic bone

4. Can improve circulation

5. Minimizes pregnancy pains such as heartburn, leg cramps, and nasal congestion

6. Can reduce sleep potential with unintentional sleeping positions such as rolling over and on your back.

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This pillow is very important for the comfort of pregnant women. Because by using this pillow, it can align the spine properly. Because during pregnancy, ligaments and joints are prone to becoming tense. Unequal sleep can trigger health problems for pregnant women.

Types of Pillows for Pregnant Women

The following are forms of many pregnant women whose variations are quite large and to meet different needs.

1. C-shaped or Contour. This type of pillow keeps your legs and hips aligned, keeps your neck in line with your back, and protects your back or stomach.

2. U-shaped. This type of pillow supports all parts of the body evenly, keeps the legs and hips aligned, and keeps the neck in line with the back.

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3. Wedges. This type of pillow supports the desired area i.e. under the stomach, behind the back, or between the knees. These areas can prevent rolling over during sleep.

Those are the types of pillows for pregnant women and their benefits. Its role is very important to maintain the quality of sleep for pregnant women. Not only maintaining the quality of sleep for pregnant women, but they also have to check the health of the experts, huh!

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