October 1, 2022


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Horror! This man can barely breathe because of the snake he caught

The snake’s way to fight its enemy is by spouting venom, biting, and twisting. Attacks carried out by snakes if not handled properly can lead to death.

Recently there was a video on social media of a man catching a snake. In a video uploaded from the social media account Instagram, social media, it shows a man wearing yellow pants with his bare chest wrapped around a snake, Wednesday (22/6/2022).

At first the large snake was in the house and he caught it. The man intended to take the snake out of the house by draping it around his neck.

Who would have thought if this snake was actually wrapped around his neck. As a result, the middle-aged man could barely breathe because the snake coiled around his neck was so strong.

He tried to pull the snake wrapped around his neck. However, the powerful snake coil could not be defeated.

The man immediately collapsed on the ground with the snake still wrapped around his neck. The atmosphere became tense so that local residents panicked trying to help this man escape from the snake’s coils.

Two adult men helped to pull the snake around the man’s neck. Luckily, the snake was successfully released from the man’s neck in the yellow pants.

This Man Can Barely Breathe

This man managed to escape from the snake’s coils. (Instagram/memomedsos)

The large snake had escaped after untying it from the neck of the man in yellow pants. The man with the neck wrapped around the snake chased the snake with a stick.

He was assisted by two other men who were looking for heavy equipment to immobilize snakes. The video of a man barely breathing because he was entangled in a snake caught the attention of netizens.

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The comment column for this video upload was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who watched it.

“Oh, it’s scary, what are you doing with the camera, oi?” said one netizen.

“I thought the temperature was draping a snake around its neck. It turns out you know what it is. Hehe, it’s a pity that you feel like that, don’t do it again, sir,” another comment.

“Just a few minutes, it’s done. After all, snakes are made toy. The snake is not venomous, but the coils are terrible,” said another.

“Oh, sir, my life almost went to waste,” said another netizen.

Until this article was compiled, the video has already received 3.6 thousand likes from netizens using Instagram.