August 14, 2022

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Honorary Wants To Be Fired In-Law Becomes Son-in-Law After Finding Out His Status Is Not a Civil Servant

Not all workers in government offices are civil servants or civil servants. Many of the workers in government offices are still temporary employees.

Employment status for some in-laws is considered important. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz on social media about the complaint of a temporary worker who is about to be fired as a son-in-law by his in-laws.

The condolences of the honorary workers were uploaded in a viral video by the TikTok account owner mom.abe.ora. Video footage shows the atmosphere of employees of a government office chatting together.

One of the honorary employees who wears a white shirt is talking about his household problems. The honorary employee told me that his father-in-law knew his employment status.

The father-in-law just found out that he was an honorary employee, not a civil servant. This made his father-in-law intend to fire him as son-in-law.

Even though his marriage to his wife has been blessed with two children.

“It turns out that his father-in-law just found out that he is not a civil servant. Want to be fired, so in-laws already have 2 children,” The honorary complaint was quoted by, Thursday (04/08/2022).

Mother-in-law knows her status is not a civil servant

Want to be fired in-laws to become daughter-in-law. (TikTok/ mom.abe.ora)

It is known that the father-in-law had never previously asked about his employment status. Allegedly because the new rules at the office regarding differences in worker uniforms made the in-laws know their employment status.

“The effect of distinguishing civil servants and honorary uniforms,” said the owner of the video.

The video of honorary vents that will be fired as a son-in-law by his father-in-law has received various responses from netizens.

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“Because there are some people who sometimes forget their t4,” commented one netizen.

“Yes, why do we have to differentiate, ma’am. It seems like there are social differences. Even though we work together, greetings,” said another.

“In my school honorary and uniform civil servants are the same, there is no discrimination,” other words.

“If in other villages honorariums or civil servants are still a dream, in my village it’s no longer even mining children who become dreams and rise to fame,” said another.

“It doesn’t matter the status of the bun, the important thing is that the salary continues, especially if it’s external,” other netizens’ comments.

So far, the video has been viewed 370.2 thousand times.