August 14, 2022

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Hold a ‘Bike to Happy’, Yoursay Invites Communities and Content Creator Partners to Cycling and Learn History

The writing platform from held an activity titled ‘Bike to Happy’ on Saturday (30/7/2022). This activity carries the concept of cycling while learning history in the Njeron Beteng area, Yogyakarta Palace.

The ‘Bike to Happy’ activity is one of the activities to get closer to the community and content creator partners from

The founder of the Malam Museum, Erwin Djunaedi, was chosen to be the tour guide for this event. Erwin said that the historical story that will be explained is about historical places, starting from Sasono Hinggil to North Square.

“There are still many who do not recognize and know related to history, then the meaning of the symbols attached to several buildings which can then be accessed in the Njeron Beteng area. Then this activity was carried out with the theme,” said Erwin when met after the activity, Saturday (30/7) /2022).

According to the title, bicycles are a means of transportation to get around tourism because when walking or using other vehicles, the atmosphere of the palace is less felt.

“Well, it’s more fun when you use a bicycle from one spot to another. Then you can see the atmosphere in the Keraton area. And feel what the Keraton vibe is like with the bike,” he said.

He said that in this tour the participants were explained about many concepts of the arrangement of the Yogyakarta Sultanate. With the concept of Sangkan Paraning Dumadi that all participants can learn.

There are at least four spots visited by the tour participants this time. Each spot is equipped with an explanation of the existing historical and cultural narratives.

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“The participant’s response was extraordinary. As a storyteller, I also saw the enthusiasm of friends from each spot which was extraordinary. The questions that also appeared in the actual spot were questions that I never thought would appear, but actually appeared by my friends,” he explained.

“It proves that they are excited to listen to the explanations that we convey. Their enthusiasm is high,” he continued.

One of the participants, Arman (22) a resident of Jogja, admitted that he had known about the activity since registration was opened from the WhatsApp group and Yoursay Instagram account. In fact, he immediately signed up so that he could go around as well as learn history.

“That’s what I immediately registered. I was really enthusiastic about participating because it was because the events had been online for a long time. Now, this is the first offline event, I’m enthusiastic,” said Arman.

Moreover, he also quite often uses a bicycle for various occasions. Even though he had visited several spots, he still got new information from this tour.

“Some have been, only some have just arrived at that point, like those behind the fort, people usually pass in front of the fort, right. Now this is the first to enter behind the fort,” he said.

Arman considered this activity quite exciting to fill his spare time on the weekends. Not only cycling to a number of historical spots, he was also happy to finally meet the Yoursay team in person.

YourSay team invites tour participants to play games at Fort Vredeburg, Saturday (30/7/2022). [Hiskia Andika Weadcaksana /]

“Yes, it’s fun. You can also meet the Yoursay team, who used to be only from WA, now you can meet them. Cycling is also fun, the history of the philosophy of tourist areas in the palace is fun, right,” he said.

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Not only around using bicycles, tour participants are also invited to play games. Participants were also given attractive prizes from the activity.