August 18, 2022

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Hidden Gems of AAC Festival, The First Introduction to Tuwo Religious Village Tourism

The Hidden Gem of AAC Festival was held for the first time on June 26, 2022 at Jalan Baliwerti, Alun-Alun Contong Village, Bubutan District, Surabaya City. This festival was held with the aim of introducing tourism to Kampung Tuwo Religion. The series of festival events consisted of a healthy walk, an MSME bazaar, and also the highlight of the festival which featured a series of art performances from Contong Square residents as well as highlighting and tourism promotion videos.

This Hidden Gem of AAC Festival is an event organized by the Tourism Awareness Group (POKDARWIS) of Contong Alun-alun Village and KKNT-MBKM Students of Group 76 together with Contong Alun-Alun Village and assisted by several partners who supported this event to be successful.

The first event of this festival begins with a healthy walk with the residents of Contong Square by passing through tourist spots in Tuwo Religi Village, namely Joko Jumput’s Tomb, Kiai Sedo Mosque’s Tomb and Prince Pekik, then passes through Jalan Pahlawan to the HBNU Office and finishes on Jalan Baliwerti. The event continued with the distribution of door prizes until 10:00 WIB.

The second event, which is the highlight of the Hidden Gem of AAC Festival, starts at 15.30 WIB. The event started with the opening by the MC, followed by singing the song Indonesia Raya together, then the performance of the Remo Dance from the Surabaya Tourism Office. The next event was a speech from the Head of Contong Square Village, Noer Hidayat, SE who expressed his gratitude to UPN KKN students who had helped develop tourism potential in Contong Square and congratulated the formation of a new Tourism Awareness Group in Contong Square Village. .

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“Thank you to the UPN students who have helped so far and I congratulate you on the formation of the new POKDARWIS,” said Noer Hidayat.

The second speech was given by H Tri Didik Adiono S.Sos. as a community leader in the Contong Alun-alun Village. Tri Didik expressed his hope that regarding the introduction of this tour and the development of tourism potential owned by Contong Square, it can be better known by the wider community and can also improve the economy of the surrounding community and especially MSMEs in Contong Square.

“With the introduction of this tour, I hope that the tourism potential of Contong Square can be recognized by the wider community and can also have an influence on improving the economy of the surrounding community, especially MSMEs,” said H. Tri Didik Adiono S.Sos.

The event then continued with remarks from the Chairperson of POKDARWIS AAC and an opening prayer by KH. Saiful Halim. The next event was the handover of the certificate by the Field Supervisor Heidy Arviani, S.Sos., MA to the Head of the Contong Alun-alun Village as a form of appreciation for his participation as a partner in the implementation of the UPN “Veteran” East Java KKNT-MBKM program which had been carried out for 3 months.

Then the event was continued with an art performance from RW 06 by presenting a children’s prayer group, followed by an art performance from RW 03, namely the Mlaku-Mlaku Nang Tunjungan dance. Then followed by a special fashion show appearance by Puteri Remaja East Java, Devina Helmalia, and Decee Labels. Furthermore, the main door prize distribution event, video highlight screening and tourism promotion for Kampung Tuwo Religi, the last art performance from RW 01, namely acoustics, closing prayers, and closing by the MC and the last entertainment program, namely elektone.

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This festival event is also complemented by the MSME bazaar which aims to promote and improve the economy of the surrounding community so that it can support tourism development in the Contong Alun-Alun Village. This bazaar was attended by MSMEs who are natives in Contong Square who sell various kinds of food and local products.