August 8, 2022

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Here it is, 5 kinds of tea and the benefits they contain, you must try!

For those of you who often complain of a bad mood in the morning, don’t worry! You can start changing the pattern of your daily life, especially in the morning. Start by getting up early and doing worship or meditation. After that, you can do light exercise such as jogging around the complex, or just taking a walk around the house yard.

To keep your body warm, you can brew warm drinks such as coffee, tea, milk, or other warm drinks. But if you crave herbal flavors, it’s a good idea to brew warm tea. Take it easy, tea is not only black tea, you can try other tea variants. What are the variants of the tea? Come on, take a peek at 5 kinds of tea and their benefits that you must try below!

1. Chamomille Tea

Ever heard of chamomile flowers? Yes, chamomille tea is made from chamomille flowers which have a calming aroma. You can brew a cup of this warm tea to help reduce feelings of anxiety and can help improve the quality of your sleep.

2. Green tea

Green tea or commonly known as green tea is one of the unique tea variants. Unlike other teas that go through several long processes, green tea is processed in a special way to produce a distinctive color and taste. You can brew a cup of green tea to improve digestion, help nourish the skin, antioxidants, and various other benefits contained in it.

3. Papermint Tea

Have you ever tried this type of tea? If not, you must try it! This tea is different from the usual black tea. This is because black tea contains caffeine compounds, while papermint tea is free of caffeine. You can feel a refreshing cold sensation in your throat when you drink it. In addition, this tea is also useful for calming, especially when you feel a headache.

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4. Rosella Flower Tea

This tea is made from rosella flowers which produce a dark red color. You can try brewing a cup of rosella tea using boiling water in the morning. The refreshing combination of sour taste will help you relax more in the morning.

5. Jasmine Tea

Don’t underestimate jasmine tea! This tea sounds like it has been consumed very often. But there’s nothing wrong if you brew it in the morning. The distinctive aroma of jasmine combined with the distinctive freshness of the selected tea leaves will make you more excited.

Those are five kinds of tea that you can brew in the morning to accompany your morning activities. You can also get various benefits every day!