December 6, 2022

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Here are 6 Natural Flavors Substitute for MSG, Worth a Try!

MSG or monosodium glutamate is considered to have various health-related risks. Do not be surprised, if there are people who want to be healthy then look for a substitute for MSG for natural flavoring. Do you know what natural flavorings are?

It is undeniable that MSG is the most powerful and well-known flavoring for making dishes delicious. Excessive use of MSG will be very dangerous for the body. However, if you use it wisely, it certainly won’t be dangerous.

However, there is nothing wrong if you try other natural flavoring alternatives that are healthier. Well, here are natural flavorings that you can use for cooking

1. Soy sauce

Next is soy sauce. When you add soy sauce to food, it will add a new flavor to the food. Soy sauce is not a hard-to-find spice component. Even so, you can check the content, whether it contains MSG or not.

2. Beef Broth

You want to get a good taste of food without MSG? You can use meat broth. But remember, this meat broth can only be used or suitable for certain foods. The resulting taste is certainly very similar to MSG. This is because they both contain high levels of glutamate and amino acids found in meat protein.

3. Parmesan Cheese

Then the next natural flavoring is parmesan cheese. Parmesan is a cheese that originates from Italy. This cheese is high in natural MSG thanks to the fermentation process. Cheese fermentation results in the release of amino acids when proteins are broken down.

4. Shitake Mushroom

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Shitake mushrooms can be used as a natural flavoring. These mushrooms contain high concentrations of glutamate. When cooking, you can add Shitake Mushrooms. Usually its use is used in foods related to noodles. Make sure the Shitake Mushroom seasoning you choose does not contain MSG!

5. Yeast Extract

Yeast Extract is an ingredient for making beer and bread. The addition of yeast extract is intended to add a savory taste. Yeast extract contains glutamic acid so just one spoonful is enough to give it a savory taste. So, make sure to use it wisely.

6. Anchovy

Who would have thought that anchovy is a type of fish that is rich in glutamate. Therefore, this fish can be an alternative natural flavoring. You can add it to sauces, pasta, or other dishes for a delicious taste.

Well, that’s 6 natural flavorings that can replace MSG. Try not to include MSG in your every dish. Try, use the natural flavoring alternatives above! Good luck!