October 1, 2022


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Here are 5 Signs of a Sick Cat, Number 3 Most Often!

Who does not know a pet with beautiful fur and cute mustache. Yes, cats, in addition to the physical characteristics that make humans fall in love with them, cats also have an agitated behavior that makes them attract attention. With this fact, many people keep this cute animal.

From their cuteness, it would be very sad and pitiful, if they were sick. Did you know the 5 signs of a sick cat that often occur? If not, let’s read this article to the end!

1. Sleep often

The first sign of a sick cat is sleeping a lot. The body that feels bad makes them tend to choose to rest longer than before. With the hope that after waking up, they can return to playing as usual.

Cats that often sleep, could also be because they feel weak and helpless. So, they chose to do nothing.

2. Lethargic Face

Sick cats can also be seen from his face. If his face looks sluggish, dull, his eyes are different, and not as usual, then it can be assumed that he is not doing well.

3. No Appetite to Eat and Drink

A body that feels weak makes the cat not want to do anything, including eating and drinking. They seem to have no appetite for both.

It’s good, if it’s true that they don’t have an appetite and drink, you can lure them with food that is a little more tempting than usual.

4. Don’t want to be invited to play

The cat that used to be active and likes to be played with, then suddenly becomes quiet. Well, it should be suspected. There could be a part of his body that is sick, so he is unable to move his body and be active as usual.

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5. Nasty or suddenly quiet

There are cats who are fussy or like to talk when they are sick, they seem to complain about their pain to us. Some are suddenly quiet and don’t want to be touched.

It all depends on what character your cat was like before. If there is something strange, it could be that he is feeling sick and needs your help.

Those were the 5 signs of a sick cat. Some of these signs are only a small part of other more complex signs, yes. If your cat has these 5 signs, it’s a good idea to immediately consult a doctor or you can provide first aid or alternative natural remedies via the internet. I hope this article is useful!