September 28, 2022

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Here are 5 reasons why you should start doing yoga, let’s try it right away!

Yoga, often seen as a difficult sport because it has movements that look complicated and difficult to imitate. Though behind this one sport has a variety of benefits that are very good for physical and mental health.

Yoga is also often known as a women’s sport, so few men try this sport. The reason is that yoga is synonymous with stretching movements. In fact, yoga can be done by anyone, both women and men.

But if you are still hesitant to start yoga, now you should know the benefits that you can get from yoga.

Launching from seattleymcaHere are five reasons why you should start practicing yoga,

1. Practice breathing better

In yoga, you practice breathing by taking slow and deep breaths. This exercise will help in improving lung function, relaxing the body, and also increasing the amount of oxygen contained in the body. So that later your breathing will feel lighter and no longer feel congested.

2. Can relieve stress

The next benefit is that yoga can reduce physical fatigue in the body due to stress. By doing relaxation has encouraged the body to lower the hormone cortisol so that it can suppress stress. In addition, yoga can also lower blood pressure and heart rate so that it is more stable.

When you do yoga, you will feel more relaxed and your mind will be calm and that really helps you to avoid anxiety and depression.

3. Train the body to be more flexible

Well, this is the reason that is often given by many people not to do yoga. The reason is that yoga movements look complicated and difficult to follow. Even though behind the movement, there are many benefits that are not obtained from other sports.

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Yoga movements help increase flexibility and movement of bones to make them more flexible and not stiff. Maybe at the beginning of the practice many people have difficulty touching their toes. But that should not be an excuse not to join yoga.

As you practice more, the muscles and ligaments in your body will begin to work and then it will become easier to follow many yoga poses.

4. Increase body strength

Each yoga movement trains every muscle in the body to move more flexibly. These movements can also increase the strength of every muscle from head to toe. In addition to strengthening muscles, yoga can also relieve tension and fatigue in the muscles.

5. Maintain weight

If you want to get the ideal body and weight then yoga is one solution. When doing yoga movements, of course you will sweat a lot and that is normal.

With so many calories burned, you can lose weight and keep it ideal. When doing yoga, your diet will also be maintained so that your weight remains under control.

So, here are five reasons why you should start doing yoga. After reading the benefits above, do you immediately want to practice yoga movements? It’s never too late to start, you can do it today.