May 30, 2023

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Here are 4 Benefits of Combing Hair that are Rarely Realized

There are still many people who don’t know, don’t even realize what are the benefits of combing their hair. Even though there are many benefits, what makes this one activity routinely is important to do.

Of course in the right way. It’s not just about making your hair look neater. Summarize page doctorhealth.comhere are 4 benefits that you can get:

1. Promotes Blood Circulation

The first benefit, blood circulation in the scalp area. How did this happen? So, combing your hair is an activity of massaging the scalp, so that it has an impact on circulation which becomes smoother.

The result of this small massage stimulates the smooth flow of blood to the scalp. When the blood circulation is smooth, it has a good impact on the follicles to always be in a healthy condition.

2. Cleaning Sticky Dirt

The next benefit of combing your hair is cleaning the dirt that looks stuck. Including dandruff and dust that cause hair to feel uncomfortable.

If dirt is left alone, it has the potential to make hair dry, itchy and tangled. It is important to understand that cleaning the dirt that sticks needs to be balanced by washing it with shampoo.

The goal is none other than to provide maximum cleaning results. When combing, try slowly and smoothly until the dirt is gone. Especially if the dirt is quite stubborn, so it takes more effort when combing.

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3. Keeping It Smooth

Regular brushing will keep your hair smooth. The benefits of combing one’s hair will make it look neat and not look tangled. One effort to maintain healthy hair is by giving it special vitamins.

Usually this vitamin is leveled on the entire surface of the hair. With the help of a comb, the smoothing process becomes easier and nothing is missed. Interestingly, not only makes it look smooth, but also shiny.

Because, in general, humans have glands in the follicle called sebaceous which produce natural oil. The combing process will help to even out the natural oils, so it’s no wonder that it makes hair look shiny and healthy.

4. Accelerate Growth

The last benefit is accelerating hair growth. It is a wrong assumption that this activity causes hair loss. Because, in fact it can actually accelerate its growth because the follicles are more active.

Actually hair will not fall out when combed as long as it is cared for and given proper nutrition. So, the benefits of combing hair will be obtained more optimally as long as it is accompanied by good care.

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