August 14, 2022

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Here are 3 ways to end a relationship on good terms, Let’s Learn Adults!

Of course, everyone in this world doesn’t like separation. However, the painful thing always comes. Like it or not, everyone has to accept it. Ready or not, everyone must be able to face it. Especially the separation in a love relationship.

Of course that is a burdensome thing. However, remember again that we really can’t demand everyone to continue to survive.

Because, there will be a time when their role and time is complete and your relationship with him must also end. Let’s learn to be wise again in dealing with every breakup by applying these 3 ways when you want to end a relationship!

1. Talk about the Problem First

Before deciding on a painful final solution, it’s a good idea to communicate with him first. Solve your problems together. Did one of you make a mistake or can you both fix it? Can the word “sorry” still prevent separation? Is he still worth keeping? Is it all possible to continue? Have a good discussion first, okay?

2. Finding the Right Moment

To end a relationship, you need to find the right moment or time. You have to be able to adapt to situations and conditions. First, make sure he doesn’t have a big problem outside of your relationship. Make sure he is feeling good and his mind is clear.

Also be sure of yourself for the decisions you make. Think again carefully. If so, you can immediately tell the truth.

3. Choose words that can be understood without hurting

To avoid getting hurt too deeply, you need to choose words that don’t hurt, but are also understandable. First of all, you can first state your complaints, your feelings, what has been bugging you all this time. Then you can apologize in advance to him. After that you can directly convey the word “farewell”.

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Don’t forget to include the reason too! Make sure the reasons you use are logical, acceptable, and justifiable reasons. Make him understand, make him accept the harsh reality. After that, you can thank him for everything and say sorry again.

So that’s it, 3 ways to end a relationship on good terms. I hope this article is useful! Hopefully you and he can be both happy even though on different paths, yes!