October 6, 2022


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Hello! This Ojol driver helps clean up used food for fast food restaurant customers

Doing good can start from yourself. The slightest good deed will look beautiful if it is done with a sincere heart.

Similar to what an ojol driver does, this helps to clean up the food used by fast food restaurant customers. The moment was immortalized in a video uploaded by the owner of the TikTok account elpistolerobabe.

“Father, thank you very much for cleaning up other people’s food,” wrote the account owner as a video description as quoted by Yoursay.id, Monday (1/8/2022).

Video footage shows the atmosphere of a fast food restaurant that is busy with customers. Several dining tables at the fast food restaurant had been left by their customers.

However, I have many customers who leave their food marks on the table. Even though the service system at this fast food restaurant self-service.

A middle-aged ojol driver volunteered to clean up the food from the fast food restaurant’s customers. He painstakingly collected food and drink packages that were on several tables.

The kind ojol driver then threw the food waste from the fast food restaurant customers into the bins that had been provided there. Even though he had to go back and forth to throw out this garbage but he seemed excited.

The kindness of the ojol drivers who volunteered to clean up the former customers of the fast food restaurant made me salute. The owner of the video that recorded his good action gave a small amount of money as an appreciation for the kindness of the ojol driver.

Volunteer to clean up used restaurant customers’ food

This ojol driver is happy to be given an appreciation for the kindness he has done. (TikTok/elpistolerobabe)

He seemed happy to be given a gift from the owner of this TikTok account. The son of an ojol driver revealed that his father’s hobby is cleaning up.

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“Hello sis, this is my dad, my dad grabs every day, and likes to clean up, if someone gives food, the food is given to the grandchildren again,” said the child in the video comments column.

Until this article was compiled, the video has been watched 1.1 million times and received 161.9 thousand likes. Warganet also saluted the motorcycle taxi driver.

“Thanks also to his brother for uploading it can make my gratitude even better and give rewards to his grandfather. Even his grandfather smiled while cleaning it,” a netizen commented.

“@/grabid appreciation pliss! I really salute this father,” added another.

“@/Grab Indonesia @/grabth @/GrabFood PH please give appreciation for his father’s kindness. Always be healthy, sir, I’m sick of seeing it,” connect another.

“It should be appreciated that this father is really good @/grabid,” another word.

“I swear I’m in the Pascal BK every day, help me find a seat and clean the table,” other netizens’ comments.