October 1, 2022


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Hello! The Heroic Action of TNI Members Saves the Boy Trapped in the Car

Leaving a small child in the car alone can put their safety at risk. Especially if the car is closed tightly by itself or parents forget to leave the keys.

Recently, social media went viral with a video of the heroic action of a TNI member rescuing a child trapped in a car. The video was re-shared by the world’s Instagram_kaumhawa social media account.

“The heroic action of TNI members in rescuing a small child trapped in a car,” wrote the uploader as a caption for his upload as quoted by Yoursay.id, Wednesday (22/06/2022).

Video footage shows the panicked atmosphere of residents huddled in a red car. Residents panicked because there was a child trapped in the car alone.

Several members of the Indonesian Army came to the scene to help. A TNI man took a heroic action to save the boy trapped in the red car.

This TNI member rolled up his uniform in his hands. A resident asked people gathered near the windshield to pull over. The TNI member hit the car window with all his might. He managed to break the glass with one blow.

This TNI member then opened the car door from the inside. Moments later, the car door was successfully opened.

Reap Praise from Warganet

The heroic action of a TNI member saves a child. (Instagram/world_youth)

The TNI member carried the boy who was trapped in the car to be taken out. The boy was seen crying, while a woman in a blue hijab followed behind.

This woman is thought to be the mother of the boy who was trapped in the car. In just an hour of uploading, the video has already received 52.6 thousand views on the reels and 3.2 thousand likes.

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The video caught the attention of netizens who saluted TNI members saving the boy trapped in the car.

“It’s better like the TNI father, the important thing is that the little boy’s life is safe. The others are just playing and watching,salute to the way of the TNI, “ commented one netizen.

“That’s right, ma’am. Don’t just watch it and watch it, bravo TNI,” another said.

“The others are confused, the TNI plongo is fast,” other responses.

“TNI is always in my heart, thank you sir, best regards,” another netizen said.