October 6, 2022


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Having an Ideal Body, Lee Sung Kyung’s Healthy Tips

Lee Sung Kyung is a South Korean actress and model who is famous for her slender and healthy body. Even though Lee Sung Kyung is slim, he doesn’t just go on a diet to keep his body in shape. Instead, Lee Sung Kyung revealed the following healthy way of life.

Through a clip of his recent interview for the August issue of ‘W Korea’ magazine, adapted from AllkpopLee Sung Kyung shared his successful eating habits to help him maintain a slim and healthy body shape.

The ‘Shooting Stars’ star admitted that he was often considered not eating or only eating salad to get his current body, “So many people ask me if I don’t eat. They asked me ‘Do you only eat salad?’. I think I can’t even say no, because it means nothing. People won’t believe me.” quoted from Allkpop on Saturday (30/7/2022).

Unlike other idols or actresses who are crazy about eating salads to maintain their diet, Lee Sung Kyung is just the opposite. The actress admitted that she would be angry if she saw salad as her lunch, “I was like, why is there only salad?”.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s ex-girlfriend revealed tips to maintain her body in a healthier way, “Of course, if there is an occasion where I need to lose weight, I need to control what I eat. But, usually I tend to eat healthy food in sufficient quantities. If I want a snack, I eat a snack, and I always exercise as much as I eat.”

Lee Sung Kyung said exercise is the most important key to getting the ideal body, “Sport is about frequency, not intensity. Even if it’s only 10 minutes a day, it’s important to take care of it, every day. It’s much better to exercise in small amounts every day than to go out one day and work out until you’re tired. If you feel good, then do a hard workout. If you’re not feeling well, then just relax.”

Not to forget, the actress also gave additional secrets for anyone who is on a diet, “If you’re starving, then the next meal you have will double your weight.”

Those are healthy tips by the beautiful actress Lee Sung Kyung!

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