August 14, 2022

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Having a unique concept, this newlywed is not a honeymoon, it’s a family group

After holding the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds will make an agenda for the honeymoon. The honeymoon agenda was chosen so that the newlyweds could enjoy time together after officially becoming a married couple.

However, not all new married couples will go on a honeymoon after the wedding. This newlywed instead brought a group of two families for a vacation.

Through their TikTok social media account piwyuhuw, the newlyweds showed the moment after their wedding party. The newlyweds after their wedding the next day went on vacation.

They vacationed not only alone but took a large family series. Both the family of the husband and wife.

Father, mother, in-laws, uncle, aunt, brother-in-law, even nephews all went on vacation with this newlywed couple. They vacation together by using bus accommodation to get to tourist sites.

All the family members as well as the newlyweds seemed happy to enjoy the holiday together. Seen when on the bus and at tourist attractions all the family is always compact and excited.

Based on the uploaded video, the newlyweds and extended family are on vacation to the Special Region of Yogyakarta. They seemed to visit the Mini Remnants of My Treasure and down the river in a jeep.

Not a honeymoon but a family gathering. (TikTok/piwyuhuw)

As a result, the holiday atmosphere after marriage for the newlyweds is not a honeymoon but more of a family gathering. According to the newlyweds, marriage is not just for two people but two families.

“Honeymoon is a big family, yes, because getting married is not just a marriage of 2 people but a marriage of 2 families, eh,” they said as quoted by, Thursday (04/08/2022).

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Netizens who watched the video of the newlyweds after the honeymoon wedding with their extended family gave a positive response. Not a few citizens who are inspired to do the same.

“I want this but I don’t have the money yet, God willing, if there is luck, I want it,” said one netizen.

“Thank you for giving me the idea, it’s just a couple and the money,” said another.

“The idea is there, it’s just the money with the partner,” added another.

“Strengthening the relationship between two families” another response.

“The importance of finding a rich husband so that he can please both families wkwkwk,” other netizens’ comments.

Until now, this newlywed honeymoon video has been watched 347.3 thousand times and got 47.2 thousand likes.