September 27, 2022

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Haru! Students are late to take report cards to the teacher, apparently this is what he did

At the end of the semester there is always a report card acceptance event. Parents are invited to take a report card that is the result of their child’s learning for one semester.

However, not all students’ report cards will be taken by their parents. This student actually took the report card alone to school.

The moment was shared by a TikTok user who is none other than his teacher. In a video re-upload from the world’s Instagram_kaumhawa social media account, it can be seen that students ride bicycles to school.

The student went to school when it was quiet, the parents who took the report cards had gone home. The student goes to school by bicycle alone to collect his report card.

He before taking the report card alone to school had sent chat to the teacher. He asked permission if his report card was taken late.

This student said the reason why his report card was taken late was because there was something he couldn’t tell. The teacher was initially annoyed with the student because his report card was taken last.

However, when he found out why the student asked permission to take a report card late. The teacher who initially wanted to be angry was actually moved.

Take Your Own Report

These students take their own report cards. (Instagram/world_youth)

The teacher was moved because this student took his own report card, while his other friends were taken by his parents.

“The other child’s report card was taken by his parents. Only he WA, the teacher, took it late. And he took it himself for some reason. He wanted to be angry but instead was moved,” written in the video as quoted by, Tuesday (21/6/2022).

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The original video uploaded by the teacher on TikTok has gone viral and has been viewed 5.8 million times. Meanwhile, the re-uploaded video from the dunia_kaumhawa account has already received 76.7 thousand views on the reels.

The video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses in the comments column.

“O Allah, you want to be independent, be patient, you will be successful later, son, amen,” said one netizen.

“Hopefully a successful child in the future,” added another.

“Just now, when my son graduated from elementary school, there was a friend who came alone, sorry,” other responses.

“His parents are selfish, the spirit of the boy must be strong so that he becomes a person when he is single,” other netizens’ comments.