September 28, 2022

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Haru, it turns out that this is GOT7’s BamBam’s dream that he wants to make in the future

GOT7’s BamBam said he had one dream that he wanted to fulfill in the future, it succeeded in making many people touched when they found out.

Summarize from Koreaboo on Friday (10/6/2022), GOT7’s BamBam recently had an interview with the magazine Arena Homme+In the interview, BamBam revealed that he has one dream that he wants to make come true in the future.

BamBam drew a mindmap his mind, by talking about memorable events that happened recently, such as GOT7’s comeback as a whole group.

When he discussed the part of mindmap which contained something close to him, the first thing BamBam mentioned was the health of his pet cat. BamBam is known as a cat lover. So, it’s no wonder that he is very concerned about the health of his beloved cats.

Another thing that is also very close to BamBam’s heart is, of course, his family. BamBam is known to have a strong family relationship, as evidence that BamBam’s family always supports him and is also a member of GOT7 in various activities.

In the photo uploaded on social media, it can be seen that the entire BamBam family attended the GOT7 ‘Home Coming’ concert which was just held some time ago.

In addition, BamBam’s family also looks familiar and close to the other GOT7 members. In fact, BamBam’s mother took a photo with Jackson Wang with Jackson hugging BamBam’s mother.

But unfortunately, BamBam rarely has the opportunity to visit his family, due to his work in South Korea. Therefore, one of the dreams he wants to fulfill in the future is to return to Thailand and live with all his family members.

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According to BamBam they can take care of each other,”I want to take care of them (family) when they are old,” said BamBam.

BamBam hopes that one day he can buy a piece of land and build a house in Thailand, and live with his whole family.

Seeing how the life of a K-Pop idol can be exhausting and stressful, it’s quite understandable why BamBam has a dream to return to Thailand and live with his whole family happily.