December 2, 2022

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Haru! Father Shows Gift during Video Call with Daughter, His Reaction is adorable

The proverb says that a mother’s love for her child lasts forever. However, the father’s struggle to share his child was extraordinary.

Recently, there was a lot on social media of a touching video of a father with his little daughter. In a video uploaded from the Instagram social media account kepoin_trending, it shows a father who is on his way to make a video call with his daughter.

Father video calls daughter to show gifts. First, my father showed me the gift of disassembly toys.

“This ndut?” asked dad while carrying a toy disassembly.

“That’s what it is,” replied the princess.

Dad then showed me one more gift that his little daughter really wanted. Dad showed me a blue scooter.

The daughter who really wanted the scooter immediately shouted with joy and thanked her beloved father.

“Wow, thank you father, wow. Thank you, yes,” said the princess with a happy face.

“Brother, brother,” said his mother teasing the little princess.

“Yeay scooter, yeay. Thank you handsome father,” said the daughter to her father.

When the father arrived home, his little daughter immediately welcomed him. Even from the driveway to the house the princess was waiting for her father to come with the scooter she wanted.

The Princess’s Adorable Reaction

The adorable reaction of the princess getting her dream scooter as a gift. (Instagram/kepoin_trending)

This little daughter followed her father who was walking towards the house while carrying a scooter. When he arrived right in the yard, the daughter immediately took the scooter from her father’s hand.

He showed the new scooter his father had bought him to a friend who happened to be there. The video upload attracted the attention of netizens who were watching to write their responses in the comments column.

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Not a few netizens were happy with the little princess’s happiness. Netizens were also moved to see the happy moment of the little daughter being bought a scooter by her beloved father.

“He was bought, I am happy,” said one netizen.

“Saying thank you, don’t use it, being told to hurry up. That’s cool,” said another.

“I love to see the simplicity of people like this. A caring father, a caring son,” other comments.

“So slow to cry alone,” other netizens’ comments.