December 6, 2022

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Hard to Get a Girlfriend? These 5 Causes That Might Make You Single

Have you been single long enough? Do you often ask yourself about the reasons that make it difficult for you to get a girlfriend? It’s okay to ask, but stop blaming yourself, okay!

Try to open your eyes and read some of the things below. Because, it could be a possible reason why you haven’t got a girlfriend until now. Let’s check right away!

1. Criteria are too high

The first reason is that your criteria for choosing a partner are too high. In fact, no human is perfect. Even if you go around the world looking for the perfect person, you won’t find him.

Often you have to see yourself who lacks a lot, but can still be accepted well by others. So, why can’t you accept someone who is not perfect?

Although in looking for a partner we certainly want the best, but we also have to understand that he is also an ordinary human being who also has flaws. What if you accepted that flaw and tried to make up for it?

2. It’s hard to be honest with yourself

The next reason is because you are difficult to be honest with yourself. When you start to like someone, then you continue to reject it as a form of admiration. In fact, the two things are certainly different.

Why are you afraid to be honest with yourself about your crush on someone else? Accept the feeling and show it. Before convincing others, you must first convince yourself, right?

3. Doubtful people

Have you ever wanted to be honest with someone about your feelings for them? But you struggle with doubts that are in your own heart.

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So, that feeling continues to be buried as a form of admiration. So, how long are you going to keep this up? If later someone else expresses their feelings first, you won’t necessarily get the same opportunity.

Before being filled with feelings of regret, it would be better if you dared to try to express it. Even if the answer is not as expected, at least you will get certainty and not be haunted by feelings of regret for the rest of your life.

4. Not fully healed from past wounds

Starting a relationship before it has fully healed from past wounds is also not a good thing. Although the goal is to quickly get up from the past itself, new relationships usually give birth to those who are harmed.

Have not healed from the past, making it difficult to distinguish existing relationships. A lot of trauma, and make you imagine with the same pain. It is not good to start a new relationship.

5. Lack of confidence

Confidence is very important to build a relationship. When you feel less confident, then you will find it difficult to convince someone of the seriousness of your feelings for him. Self-confidence is very influential on how someone views and evaluates you.

Those are 5 reasons that make it difficult for you to get a girlfriend. Matches to how many points, huh?