October 1, 2022


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Handsome and Kind, NCT’s Jaehyun Gives This Expensive Gift to Staff

NCT’s Jaehyun succeeded in making his staff moved when he followed Milan Fashion Week by distributing expensive gifts to them. Quote from Koreaboo on Wednesday (22/6/2022), NCT’s Jaehyun showed his kind attitude by distributing gifts to the staff while in Milan, Italy.

Jaehyun is known as a member of NCT who is quite quiet. However, he is also one of the members who are famous for being polite, and also kind. Fans and staff also often praise Jaehyun for this trait.

At the ‘Prada SS23 Milan Fashion Week’ event which was attended by Jaehyun as the chosen brand ambassador, Jaehyun not only shared interactions with celebrities who attended such as Song Kang, Win Metawin, to famous actors Jeff Goldblum, and Miuccia Prada.

However, he also brought gifts for those he had prepared from Korea. From the photos spread on social media, Jaehyun was seen giving gifts to Miuccia Prada, and other important people who attended the event.

However, it’s not only the influential people who get gifts from Jaehyun, also the staff who work hard for him. Fans discovered that Jaehyun also gifted the entire staff member with expensive products from Prada.

The staff who worked with Jaehyun while in Milan also uploaded the gift Jaehyun gave him on social media and thanked him. Not only that, a reporter who covered Jaehyun while in Milan was also known to get Prada glasses from Jaehyun.

Fans also praised Jaehyun for his generous attitude, which also appreciated the hard work of the staff who had helped him. Even the fans who attended the event and waited outside received a wave of hands and a smile full of appreciation from Jaehyun.

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Some of those who had the opportunity to ask for autographs were very lucky because Jaehyun also happily shared some of his autographs.

Well, Jaehyun is probably one of the most successful boy group members today. However, he still maintains a polite attitude and appreciates everyone who has worked hard for him. No wonder the fans and staff really like Jaehyun.