October 1, 2022


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Han Stray Kids Falls in the Middle of Airport Crowd, Public Angry

Koreaboo launched yesterday (20/6/22), Stray Kids just returned to Korea after the “MANIAC” tour in Japan. Arriving at Incheon International Airport, they were spontaneously swarmed by fans and reporters, causing Han Stray Kids to fall to the ground in the crowd.

Holding his arm, he was led out of the crowd of fans assisted by a security guard, a manager, and Seungmin who had walked in front and turned to help when there was a commotion.

Through the circulating footage, Han looks in pain after falling. However, after the incident, he assured fans that he was not injured. Even though he said he was fine, STAYs were concerned.

One fan even commented, “Jisung said he’s fine but I don’t think he’s fine. I felt the pain when he slipped. My poor Han Jisung, how many members have to go through this kind of situation? Is it so hard to give person is space?”

Other fans also emphasized that although Han said that he was fine this time, it didn’t mean that there was nothing wrong. This is not the first time such an incident has occurred, as fans are increasingly questioning the safety and behavior of fans at the airport.

Earlier in January, a similar incident occurred when Stray Kids was on their way to Saudi Arabia to perform with Chungha in Riyadh. When the members entered Incheon International Airport, the large number of fans and reporters caused a very chaotic crowd and caused Felix to fall to the ground.

Previously, the leader, Bang Chan, had even spoken up about the incident that kept happening to Stray Kids. In a live stream, Bang Chan commented that respecting personal space is important for everyone’s safety, not just for the group.

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“If everyone respected other people’s privacy, none of this would have happened. (You) have to be careful. (Because) people can get hurt. I mean, not just us, but other artists as well. So I hope it’s fixed,” he said.

However, it’s not just the crowd of fans and reporters that have been the target of criticism for this incident. Netizens also criticized JYP Entertainment for not only repeatedly failing to protect the privacy of Stray Kids but also their other artists. Netizens also questioned when JYP Entertainment would follow up on this matter.