August 14, 2022

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Had a chance to cook at Zebra Cross at a red light, the action of this Risol seller made my head shake

When the traffic light is red, it means that all passing vehicles must stop. Meanwhile, pedestrians are welcome to cross at the zebra cross at the traffic light.

However, in contrast to this traveling risol seller, he stopped at the zebra cross while cooking. The action of the risol seller who shook his head was immortalized in a short video re-uploaded to the tashatamasya Instagram account.

Video footage shows the scene at a traffic light. At that time the traffic light was red. All passing vehicles stopped for a moment there.

There are no pedestrians crossing at this zebra crossing. However, there is one food vendor with a wheelbarrow crossing the zebra crossing.

The seller is not crossing the zebra cross directly to the other side of the road. He instead casually stopped in the middle of the zebra crossing.

This seller is casually frying his merchandise there. He didn’t seem to care where he stopped at that moment.

He remained focused on frying risol in the midst of a crowd of motorized vehicles that stopped because of a red traffic light.

“If you’ve ever said the red light is taking too long, I’ll have a cup of coffee first. You’re not that much, this father had time to fry risol,” said video recorder.

Risol Fries at Zebra Cross

The salesman stops at a zebra cross at a red traffic light. (Instagram/tashatamasya)

The action of the casual seller of fried risol at the red light then shook his head.

“He sometimes fry at a red light, in the middle of the road too,” said the video recorder.

Until now, this viral video has received 1.7 million views on Instagram reels and 69.6 thousand likes. The video comment column was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens.

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“Coffee is accompanied by eating risol,” commented a netizen.

“Continue to go down lesehan title mat, play ps,” said another.

“Not bad while waiting for the green light to buy risol, chewing risol father while making souvenirs at home,” another said.

“Wow, what are you doing in the middle of the road anyway?” another word.

“The real time is money,” other netizens’ comments.