December 2, 2022

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Guaranteed to be more lasting, here are 5 quality time ideas with your partner

Communication is one way to keep relationships lasting. In marriage, your life with your partner can change when you have children. This is what often causes you to forget how important quality time with your partner is.

When you are married, the most important foundation that keeps a marriage strong is not only being good parents, but also focusing on being a harmonious husband and wife. This harmony can be obtained by balancing the busyness of you and your partner in raising children, managing finances, and taking care of the house.

Maintaining quality time becomes a challenge after marriage. Increasing quality time together with your partner can be done with various activities.

Here’s an idea for quality time with your partner after marriage, reported by!

1. Invite a Cooking Partner

Dinner is one of the weapons to increase the quality time of a husband and wife. It will take longer if you also prepare dinner with your partner. So it’s not just eating. You can make a deal with your partner to find some free time.

2. Watching Movies Together

Next is to create quality time by watching movies together. You can discuss what movies to watch. You can use this time to get closer to your partner, perhaps by holding hands or sitting back or discussing a movie you just watched after watching it.

3. Sports Together

It turns out that exercise is not just an activity to nourish the body. This activity can be quality time with your partner. Again you have to communicate with your partner about the time and type of exercise that will be done together. This is indeed very simple, but believe me it will make you closer to your partner.

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4. The two of you at night

Next is to spend time at night. It is undeniable, taking care of children, taking care of the house, and other household problems are very time-consuming all day long. So the option to get quality time with your partner is at night when you are no longer busy and the child is asleep.

5. Leave the Children

The last is to entrust the child to someone you can trust, the safest is of course family or parents. After entrusting it, you can spend quality time with your partner walking out of the house together, whether it’s just around the house or just on a 1-2 day vacation.

So, those are 5 ideas for quality time with your partner. Easy isn’t it? Once again emphasized, quality time with a partner is very important. Because with quality time, the relationship will be more lasting and tighter! Good luck!