August 14, 2022

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Groom’s Expression of Makeup Changes His Skin Color To White Makes Salfok

When the wedding is held, usually both the bride and groom will be made up. The bride will be made up as beautiful as possible so that she can look great while sitting on the aisle.

Meanwhile, the groom will have enough makeup to make his face look fresh. Talking about making up the groom, there is an interesting video uploaded by the world’s Instagram_kaumhawa social media account.

“The bride has drastically changed to white,” written in the video as quoted by, Tuesday (02/08/2022).

Video footage shows a groom being made up by two women. The groom was made up from face to body.

Because, the traditional clothes used by the groom are bare-chested models. The groom is made up by wearing a white foundation.

Starting from the face to the body made up with white foundation makes her skin color change drastically. Brown skin color replace with bright white.

The groom’s expression when making up makes the wrong focus alias salfok. The reason, this groom looks uncomfortable when makeup.

Groom’s Expression When Makeup

The groom is made up with the same body foundation. (Instagram/world_youth)

The groom seemed to close his eyes and avoid the beauty blender that will be applied to his face and body. However, in order to look charming on a special day in his life, he looks resigned.

The two women who did the groom’s make-up deftly finished their make up. By the time this article was compiled, the video had already received 158,000 views on reels and 2.3 thousand likes.

The video attracted the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses in the comments column. There are netizens who are wondering why the groom had to wear such makeup to change his natural skin color.

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“Indeed, if you become a bride, you have to have white skin, right? Until the body is putty too, seriously ask,” asked a curious netizen.

“Does it have to be white? Natural is better,” connect another.

“Sometimes it’s like that. My husband is black but not like that before. It’s natural. I also don’t want thick ones for men. I’m sorry if I sweat, so it melts,” added another.

Some netizens didn’t even think that the man in this video was a bride who was getting make-up.

“I think I want to be a silver man,” netizen comments.

“I thought it ended up being a silver man,” said another.

“Oh my God, I thought silver man” another netizen said.