August 18, 2022

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Grandma’s Action Shares Korean Food Cooking Tutorials That Even Make the Audience Stupid

Korean food is currently being loved by the Indonesian people, especially those who are Kpop and drakor lovers. Not a few content creators who make Korean food cooking tutorials so that they can be practiced at home.

This grandmother doesn’t want to miss making a tutorial on cooking Korean food. However, the toturial that was shared by the grandmother was a little different and even made the audience giddy.

In the re-upload of the video by the Instagram account, the association shows the grandmother’s tutorial on cooking Korean food that makes her go crazy. Since the beginning of the video, this grandmother did not mention what Korean food would be made.

He immediately explained the steps to make Korean dishes. First, the grandmother put two cloves of onion and one clove of garlic.

Then he sautéed the onions until they smell good but what he said made him giddy.

“Saute until fragrant. If it smells good, where do you want to go,” he said.

This grandmother continued her cooking tutorial by including pieces of imported Thai carrots, Nepalese spring onions, and Istanbul tomatoes. When saying the word istanbul, the grandmother was initially mistaken for ‘sitanbul’.

Luckily, the second time I said it right, I became Istanbul. The grandmother then put the Vietnamese chili and water.

Grandma’s Korean Food Cooking Tutorial Makes a Thing

Grandma’s cooking tutorial for Korean food makes you cry. (Instagram/ association)

“Just two Vietnamese chilies if you’re too sick. Add a bowl of water. Enter the motorbike, afraid of rain,” said the grandmother as she put her motorbike in.

The grandmother next put in Horiut salt not ‘hollywood’, mecin konoha, and stirred until all the ingredients were cooked earlier. The ending of the dish is really a plot twist, instead of making Korean food, it’s even tight food like a boarding house kid.

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“So the fried noodles,” said the grandmother.

Until this article was compiled, the video has received 121 thousand views on reels and 4.9 thousand. The comments column for uploading the video was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens.

“Take me to be your disciple,” a netizen commented.

“It smells good where are you going, I don’t really think about cooking like that,” said another.

“When it’s ripe there’s no fire,” another said.

“Wkwkwk, why did you put the motorbike inside mom?” another netizen said.