September 28, 2022

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Graduation Moments Paraded Around the Village Riding Horses, The Ending Is Traumatic

Holding a bachelor’s degree is an honor. No wonder if a graduation celebration is held from campus with a graduation ceremony or from your own family.

Recently, it went viral on social media when celebrating the graduation of several scholars who were paraded around the village on horseback. The moment was shared by the Instagram social media account memomedsos.

“Happy pass, no. Trauma pass, yes,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Tuesday (14/6/2022).

Video footage shows four graduates being paraded around the village on horseback. They wear graduation clothes complete with a toga.

One by one the graduates who ride horses are accompanied by their handlers. However, suddenly something unexpected happened.

The brown horse ridden by the hind leg graduate kicked the beige horse beside him. Once kicked nothing happens.

On the second kick, the beige horse kicks back the brown horse. Finally the two horses kicked each other.

The graduate who was riding on the two horses lost his balance. As a result, the two graduates fell down because the horse they were riding was fighting.

The ending is traumatizing

Fall from the horse that was ridden. (Instagram/memomedsos)

The graduates who were paraded around the village were taken by surprise. Meanwhile, when the horses kick each other the handler can do nothing.

As of this article, the videos uploaded by social media have received 82.7 thousand views on Instagram reels and more than 3,000 likes. The video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses in the comments column.

There are netizens who suspect that the horses are enemies. There were also netizens who were made to laugh but felt sorry for the two graduates who fell because the horses they were riding were kicking each other.

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“The origin of the Ferrari logo,” commented one netizen.

“Graduated with title SJG (Bachelor of jaran rocking)” other responses.

“Fix the horse has a grudge,” added another.

“The horses are still fighting, they meet each other, so the kicks of pity go up,” another said.

“I’m sorry I laughed but I feel sorry too. He must have grown up, he doesn’t want to ride a horse,” another netizen said.