July 2, 2022


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Grade One Elementary School Student Report Cards in the 90s Steal Attention: The Score is Original

Wise words say that every era has a story. The wise sentence is true because childhood, school, adulthood, old age have their own stories.

Stories from elementary school (SD) are interesting to discuss. This time there is a story about the report cards of elementary school students who were ranked 1st in the 1994-1995 school year.

The contents of the report card were uploaded by the social media account of Anak90anpastitau’s Instagram. The upload is in the form of a photo of a report card score from a Cendrawasih I Elementary School student named Iksan.

At that time, Iksan received a report card of learning outcomes in the first quarter of class 1. Iksan was written in the report card and won first place out of forty-three students.

The thing that makes these 90s student report cards interesting is their grades. The value of each subject obtained by the first class winner can be said to be small.

When compared with the grades of elementary school students now. The scores obtained by Iksan as the winner of the first rank are all 7 except for the Regional Arts subject which gets a score of 6.

Iksan’s score on average is 5.2. Meanwhile, the average score of students in Iksan’s class is 41.5.

Report Score

Grade 1 elementary school student report cards in the 90s. (Instagram/kids90anpastitau)

Each subject, the average student in grade 1 was able to get a score of around 6. For self-assessment of personality, Iksan got a B value.

The homeroom teacher who filled out the grade 1 student’s report card gave a note to parents, ‘Study more actively at home’. At the bottom, it was written where the report cards were submitted in Ujung Pandang on November 18, 1994.

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Instgaram’s upload of grade 1 elementary school student report cards who were ranked first stole the attention of netizens. The citizens were made salfok with the grades of the 90s elementary school student report cards.

“Woo rank 1 even though the value is minimal, he he he,” commented one netizen.

“Well, if the rank 1 is only worth this much, then what is the value for the next rankings?” said another.

“In the past, the value was original. It really matched student achievement,” another said.

“The first report card value was according to the student’s ability than the current student report card score. So in the past, we could measure the student’s ability from our grades,” other netizens’ comments.