September 27, 2022

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GOT7’s Jay B Tells Scary Stories, Ever Heard a Female Ghost Voice?

GOT7’s Jay B left Eric Nam and his staff shaken with a terrifying ghost story.

Koreaboo launching on Tuesday (14/6/2022), Jay B of GOT7 hilariously made Eric Nam and the staff at the Daebak Show goosebumps when he shared his personal experience with ghosts.

They spent the episode talking about many things, including Jay B’s favorite hobbies, his work on Mindset, and surprisingly about ghosts.

Eric Nam brings up the subject by pointing out that there are some really scary recording studios, and that he himself thinks he’s seen a ghost. But, he wasn’t ready for the story.

Jay B agrees that weird things happen in the studio sometimes. In fact, she recounted that she not only heard a voice once, but that she actually subconsciously recorded an inexplicable chant. Eric Nam wasn’t too happy about it saying, “Don’t do that. Stop lying.”

The story begins (like all ghost stories) with Jay B recording alone late at night in the studio. He firmly believed that he was only recording lead vocals for the song, without duplication. However, he heard someone else’s voice in the recording in addition to his own.

He realized that the voice had harmonized and in fact, it wasn’t even a man’s voice. This meant he could be more certain that it wasn’t him. It was actually a female voice.

Hearing that, Eric Nam couldn’t help but laugh nervously. He also hilariously exposed the show staff for being just as scared as he was. With that Eric said, “Everyone here has goosebumps!”

But Jay B explained that he himself doesn’t usually react with surprise. Instead, when he heard the woman’s voice on his recording, he calmly said to himself, “I’ll delete it and record it again.”

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Naturally, that sounded like a strange response. But, Jay B has an explanation for that. He reasoned that, “It would appear if I acted like I was conscious,” so he decided to suppress his fear because otherwise it would be much scarier if the ghost made itself visible.

Jay B ended up deleting the file and recording it again, proving that he might be a little less than acceptable when it comes to seeing ghosts. Even Eric Nam was still shaken at the end, and so were the staff. He jokingly called out to them saying, “You guys don’t look good.”

While Eric Nam and his staff on the Daebak Show were chilled by the story, Jay B’s reaction to ghosts was unique which suggests that not everyone can stay calm like that, let alone continue to stay in the studio alone and late at night and keep recording. However, Jay B actually managed to get through it.