October 1, 2022


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Gossip fun, this mother didn’t realize her baby’s milk bottle was moving under her eyes

One way that mothers do to put their babies to sleep is by giving milk. This method is done so that the baby is full so that he falls asleep quickly.

There is a video uploaded from dr.herp’s Instagram account which shows the moment a mother drinks her baby’s milk, Wednesday (15/06/2022). Video footage shows the situation inside the train.

The passenger seat looks full. They sat opposite each other.

There was a passenger, namely a young mother who stole the show. The mother is holding her child in her lap.

The mother also fed her baby milk using a bottle. When drinking her baby’s milk, the mother is chatting with the person beside her.

The mother did not even look at the baby she was feeding. Allegedly because of the fun chatting with the person beside her, the mother did not realize the position of the baby’s bottle had changed.

The feeding bottle is no longer in the baby’s mouth. The milk bottle moves under the baby’s eyes.

As a result, the baby is uncomfortable to the point of whining. The mother just realized the milk bottle had shifted position when the baby moved.

Milk Bottle Move Position

The milk bottle moves from the mouth to under the eyes. (Instagram/ dr.herp)

The mother immediately removed the milk bottle from under the baby’s eyes. The baby’s reflex wakes up with a milky liquid dripping down his cheek.

Just a few hours of uploading, this video has already gotten 198,000 views on the reels and 8.3 thousand likes. The video attracted the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses in the comments column.

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Netizens were sorry but laughed at the incident. There are also netizens who imagine that the baby’s heart is filled with the fact that the mother is busy chatting, not realizing that the milk bottle has changed positions.

“It’s a pity it’s someone’s child,” said one netizen.

“I laughed, the cameraman has no morals, he’s even been silenced,” another comment.

“Wkwkwk in her child’s heart, my mother just gossips until she doesn’t see her eyes,” other responses.

“Baby: Finally woke up from a nightmare,” added another.

“The one who wipes the bottle, his face is silenced. How come my mother is so barren in the little boy’s heart,” another netizen said.