December 2, 2022

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Goosebumps Stories of Female Ojol Drivers Deliver Orders to Enter Another World

Doing a job that requires someone to be on the road, such as an online motorcycle taxi or ojol is not easy. There are so many challenges that must be faced when working especially at night.

One of the challenges that motorcycle taxi drivers usually face while working at night is horror events. This female motorcycle taxi driver has also experienced a mystical incident when delivering food orders to customers.

The story of the female ojol driver experiencing a mystical incident entering another world was uploaded in a short video by the dramaojolofficial TikTok account.

“Fortunately the mother can come home,” wrote the uploader as a video description as quoted by, Saturday (11/0/2022).

The hijabi female motorcycle taxi driver told me that she got an order to deliver a package to someone’s house customer. He was there alone with his friend.

When you enter a complex there is nothing strange there. There are four or five people security in black which directed him to enter.

This female ojol driver then entered the complex and looked for the home address customer-his. When he arrived, he saw the house customerit’s dark. He met a grandmother named Nila there.

“Who are you looking for?” asked Nila’s grandmother.

“Grandma, sorry, is there anyone here?” said the female motorcycle taxi driver.

“Oh, the person is out, just hang on the fence, I’ll tell you later,” said Nila’s grandmother.

Enter the Other World

The story of female ojol drivers enters another world. (TikTok/dramaojolofficial)

The female motorcycle taxi driver stuck the food order on the fence customer-his. He then came out greeted with a wave from security.

About five to ten minutes, the female ojol driver got a call from customerHe asked for orders that have not been delivered. He explained that the food order had been attached to the fence customer entrusted to Grandmother Nila.

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However, customer said that at her house there was no such thing as Grandma Nila. This female ojol driver returned to the place earlier to take the order customer.

As it turned out, he got the surprising fact that the complex didn’t exist.

“It turns out that the complex doesn’t exist. Well, I was wondering if there isn’t such a thing as this complex. It’s time for me to enter another world,” explained the female ojol driver.

“But the people in that other world look real same?” asked the video recorder.

Real,” answered the female ojol driver firmly.

It hasn’t been a day since it was uploaded, this video has been watched 4.8 million times. The video commentary column was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who were watching.

“Across the Universe” said a netizen.

“Fortunately, she didn’t wait for the person to return, so they could immediately leave another universe,” another comment.

“Then what is the fate of the package, ma’am?” other responses.