December 2, 2022

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Goodbye Eril: Flashback of Arrival to Switzerland to Buried in Cimaung

Goodbye Eril. Eril or Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz is the eldest son of the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil. Today, Monday (13/6/2022), Eril is buried in Cimaung, Bandung Regency, West Java. Remembering the figure of Eril who is well known by many people, here is a flashback from his arrival to Switzerland to being buried by his family and attended by many mourners.

Eril’s Arrival to Switzerland

Eril was previously a student at the Bandung Institute of Technology. The plan is that, after completing his undergraduate studies at ITB this year, Eril will continue his master’s degree in Switzerland.

Eril then came to Switzerland with his family, including his mother Atalia Praratya and sister Camillia Laettia Azzahra, to inspect his school. Meanwhile, Ridwan Kamil is in England for government activities.

Dragged by the Current in the Aare . River

Thursday (26/5/2022) at noon Swiss time, Eril swam with his sister and friends in the Aare River, Bern City, Switzerland. He is said to have descended into the Aare River.

However, when it rose to the surface, the river current came quite fast and dragged Eril’s body. Adapted from Voice, Ridwan Kamil’s family, represented by Elpi Nazmuzama (Ridwan Kamil’s younger brother), said that Eril had shouted “help” before being swept away by the current of the Aare River.

According to Elpi, the family heard a cry for help from Eril. Instantly the family who were on the river bank immediately ran to find Eril. Apart from that, local residents who were on the riverbank at the time of the incident called for help and immediately called the police.

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When the incident took place, Eril was with his family, including his mother, who was on the Aare River, Bern City, Switzerland. He further said that at the same time, Eril’s family met with the local police. Turns out the police knew about it.

Eril Pencarian Search Process

Since then, Eril has been declared missing. Ridwan Kamil, who is currently active in England, immediately went to Switzerland after hearing about the fateful incident that befell his son. He and his wife, Atalia Praratya, immediately went directly to the search for their child in the Aare River. Meanwhile, the Swiss police focused on searching between the Schwellenmaetteli and Engehalde floodgates.

The search process by the SAR team was carried out indefinitely. Until the fourth and fifth day, the search process has not yielded any results. Ridwan Kamil and his family finally decided to return to Indonesia. Meanwhile, Indonesians continue to pray that Eril’s body will be found soon.

Eril was found dead after a 14-day search after having disappeared drowned in the Aare River, the City of Bern, Switzerland. Eril’s body, found in Bern’s Engehalde Dam by a teacher, Mrs. Geraldine Beldi, on Wednesday (8/6/2022) at 06.50 am Swiss time while walking to his teaching place in the morning. He immediately called the police and finally Eril’s body could be removed and was rescued properly.

Ridwan Kamil then came to Switzerland to pick up his son. Ridwan Kamil revealed the condition of Eril’s body which was found in the Engehalde Dam, Bern, Switzerland. Even though he has been in the water for more than 14 days, Eril’s body is still intact, no less than one part of his body. He said that Eril’s face was neatly turned to the right and his body smelled like eucalyptus leaves.

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“What a little miracle we are so grateful for,” wrote Ridwan Kamil on Instagram.

Ridwan Kamil is also grateful to be able to meet Eril again even though he is lying stiff.

“Finally you gave me the opportunity to hug, caress and bathe my child according to Islamic law, and also perfectly recites the call to prayer in his ears just like when Eril was born. Hi Eril, it’s time for you to return to your homeland, to say thank you to the millions who prayed for you, ” he added.

The Process of Returning Eril’s Body to Arriving in Pakuan

After being found, Eril’s body was then processed for repatriation to Indonesia. Eril’s body arrived at Soekarno-Hatta Airport on Sunday (12/6/2022) at approximately 15:45 WIB, after approximately 17 hours of flying from Switzerland.

After arriving in Jakarta, Eril’s body was then taken to Bandung to be buried in the State Room of the Pakuan Building, Bandung City, Sunday night.

Eril’s coffin was removed from the ambulance and carried by members of the TNI, at 20.00 WIB through the pavilion for later burial. The two parents of the late Eril, Ridwan Kamil and Atalia Praratya Kamil, were seen in the room. In addition, there was also Nabila Ishma and a number of mourners.

Mourners were seen arriving to Pakuan. Those who mourn and want to pray for Eril are welcome, as long as they comply with the rules.

Eril .’s funeral

Eril’s body was sent to the funeral at the family cemetery at Baitul Ridwan Islamic Center, Cimaung Village, Bandung Regency, Monday (13/6/2022), next to Ridwan Kamil’s Al Mumtadz Mosque.

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People were so busy wanting to pray and release Eril’s body. A number of people jostled each other to see the delivery process from Pakuan Building, Bandung City. Ridwan Kamil, his wife Atalia Praratya and Eril’s two younger brothers were seen in an ambulance with Eril’s body.

Eril’s body was buried around 11.00. Ridwan Kamil was the first person to put soil into Eril’s grave at the Cimaung Cemetery in Bandung. He holds the shovel and lowers the ground with 3 throws, accompanied by his wife.

Goodbye Eril. Hopefully husnul khatimah. Heaven awaits you.