September 27, 2022

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Gokil Opening of Inter-Village Football League is like the European Champions League

Football is a popular sport all over the world. So popular from the village level to the world there is a competition.

Recently there was a video about the opening of inter-village football league (tarkam) which is similar to the European champions league. The video was uploaded by the Instagram social media account again.viral.

“Premier League with Local Wisdom,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Friday (17/06/2022).

Video footage shows the opening of the tarkam league football ‘IPPGAR CUP’. The opening of the tarkam league football is made like the opening of the European champions league.

If in the European champions league the referee and players leave. In the league, the referees and league players come out of the home page.

The referee and players are greeted with the ball that is placed on the table. Not only that, there is also a gate that reads the event ‘IPPGAR CUP’.

The referee who comes out first takes the ball that is on the table. When they arrive on the field, the players greet the referee, the players do the same thing.

If the field used by players to play football in the European Champions League is a green field. This is different from the field used by the Tarkam league players.

The green field of the Tarkam League is a muddy field. As a result, the players who competed were covered in mud.

Tarkam League Soccer Opening

Tarkam League Soccer Opening. (Instagram/ again.viral)

The opening video for the tarkam league football like the European champions league has received 223,000 views since it was uploaded a few hours ago. The comments column for this video was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who watched it.

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“Cool, proud to be Indonesian,” commented one netizen.

“PIPE standard,” said another.

“Opening the European league, playing the rice field league,” another said.

“Champlon League” another netizen said.

Some netizens are salfok with their fields using muddy fields.

“Play ball, no. Play mud, yes,” wrote the netizen.

“Do you want to play soccer or do you want to grow rice, wow? It’s also good if you play ball in the morning, wkkw,” connect another.

“Tarkam doesn’t matter if the field is good, what matters is the noise,” another said.