August 8, 2022

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Going to Orthopedic Poly, Lin Gengxin Makes Fans Worried

On August 6, 2022, Netease reported that several media published a video when Lin Gengxin was discharged from the hospital after visiting the orthopedic clinic. This caused the Chinese actor’s fans to feel worried about their idol’s condition.

In the video that went viral, Lin Gengxin walked out of the hospital with his assistant with a limp leg. This walking posture makes the public wonder what the problem is with his legs. What’s more, his body, especially his legs, looked thinner than before.

As this topic became more and more popular, some of Lin Gengxin’s fans came out to explain. They explained that the idol went to the hospital because the injury he sustained during the previous filming had not fully recovered. Fans also hope that netizens don’t make perfunctory rumors about this.

Lin Gengxin did get injured several times while filming. He had admitted this openly in an event. For having shot many movies, dramas, and variety shows over the years, injuries were common to him.

Sometimes, he was injured again when the previous injury had not fully healed. Coupled with the lack of rest, his body condition became not very good. However, Lin Gengxin admitted that he had never exaggerated the problem of his injury.

When he gets injured, he always tries to hide it as best he can. Even if he was injured, he still had to be professional. Likely, Lin Gengxin would also not give any response regarding the news of his arrival to the hospital this time.

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The news of an artist being injured while filming is nothing new. Previously, Zhao Liying, who had worked with Lin Gengxin several times, had accidentally fallen off a horse while filming a scene. This caused him to suffer an injury to his waist and until now he has not fully recovered.

Another example is Liu Yifei who suffered from cervical spondylosis during the shooting of the drama Return of the Condor Heroes. This drama has been airing since 2006. However, the cervical spondylosis that she suffers from is still recurring to this day. Not long ago, Yang Mi also had an eye injury while filming variety shows which caused the corners of his eyes to be sewn up.

Even though it often happens, it doesn’t mean that this problem should be taken lightly. All parties must take lessons from incidents that have occurred and pay more attention to safety while filming.