December 2, 2022

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go viral! Motorcycle Riders Allegedly Accidentally Pulled Gas To Hit A Fence

Recently, social media was enlivened by CCTV footage of a house. The CCTV footage recorded the incident of a motorcycle rider hitting the fence at 07.05 local time, Thursday (9/6/2022).

The video was uploaded by the social media account Instagram makassar_iinfo, Saturday (11/6/2022). Video footage shows a husband and wife riding a motorcycle together without wearing a helmet.

This husband and wife couple seems to be crossing. They looked to the right and left to make sure the road was empty without any passing vehicles.

When they made sure the road was quiet and safe, a husband and wife pair rode a motorbike across. However, while in the middle of the road suddenly stopped his motorbike.

The husband who was holding the steering wheel then turned the motorcycle. His wife got off the motorbike and looked at the road situation again.

Meanwhile, the husband, who was about to turn back, got off the motorcycle. Suddenly the husband accidentally pulled the gas pedal.

As a result, the motorbike went forward and crashed into the fence of the house. The impact was loud enough to make the locked fence open and vibrate violently.

Accidentally pulled the gas until it hit the fence

Male motorcyclist crashes into fence. (Instagram/makassar_iinfo)

The wife who was originally facing the road reflex turned around. She was shocked to see her husband crashing his motorbike into the fence.

She then approached her husband to help. They also backed the motorbike that had hit the fence.

Until this article was compiled, there has been no further information regarding the incident where the motorcyclist hit the fence. The video has already garnered 367,000 views on the reels and 14,000 likes.

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The comments column for the video upload was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who watched it. Warganet admitted that he was confused by the man in the video but was grateful that he didn’t hit another vehicle.

“This is the first time the father has taken the automatic ride, I think it’s like riding an Rx King,” said one netizen.

“Anyway, how are people so confused when they drive their destination?” said another.

“Thank God I wasn’t hit by another vehicle.” other comments.

“Just learning to hold his father’s motorbike,” said another netizen.