August 8, 2022

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Given Counting Questions, Different Answers, Boy Counting Numbers and Money Makes You Laugh

It has become a good habit when children are young, they are often invited to study. Usually parents will teach children basic knowledge such as reading and counting.

To find out the child’s understanding of it, sometimes parents test it. Recently, there was a video of a boy who was given a calculation question, but answered the difference between counting numbers and money.

The video footage showing the boy’s adorable answer was uploaded by our Instagram_timur social media account.

“Clever,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Saturday (06/08/2022).

A gentleman tries to test the numeracy skills of a boy who is about 5-7 years old. First, this father gave a question of adding numbers.

“One plus one,” asked the father wearing the sarong.

“I don’t know,” answered the boy innocently while eating a snack.

The man then asked the question of counting but counting money.

“A thousand plus a thousand,” asked the father a second time.

“Two thousand,” said the boy.

Make Laugh

When tested about the money count, the answer was correct. (Instagram/us_timur)

“How do you know,” said the father.

“It’s money,” said the boy casually.

“Smart,” said the father, holding up his thumb.

Meanwhile, everyone who was there heard the boy’s different answers in counting numbers, but he couldn’t count the money, but they made him laugh out loud. Until this article was compiled, the video has received 422,000 views on Instagram reels and 19.8 thousand likes.

The comment column for uploading the boy’s funny video was flooded with various responses from netizens. Netizens were surprised if the numbers couldn’t count, it was their turn to count the money smoothly. There are also those who say that boys who are good at counting money are suitable as cashiers.

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“Smart child raised by mamak,” commented one netizen.

“You can’t do the calculations, but if it’s your turn to count money, you know,” said another.

“But it’s true that when you’re small, when you add numbers, you don’t know when you know money,” connect another.

“I used to know how to count, then I knew how to count money, ehh, it’s the other way around,” said another.

“Tomorrow work at the cashier, Grandpa,” other netizens’ comments.