December 1, 2022

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Given a Math Question Guess, This Middle School Student’s Answer Makes The Teacher Give Up

A teacher’s way to test the ability of students to absorb the lessons given, one of them is by giving guesses. Usually the teacher will give questions randomly from various subjects.

When the teacher gives questions, not all students can answer correctly. Recently, a video went viral on social media of a student who was given a math question but the answer made the teacher give up.

The viral video was uploaded directly by Bu Guru through her TikTok social media account afniwahyuni24.

“What is my sin, then it is wrong to teach children,” description of the video upload as quoted by, Sunday (25/09/2022).

The video footage shows a student taking turns to answer the teacher’s guess. The student received a math subject guessing question.

“Root 25,” the teacher asked.

This student did not immediately answer the teacher’s question. He seemed to be thinking about giving an answer from root 25.

A few moments later, the student gave the answer from the root 25 that was in her mind. However, that answer actually made Bu Guru give up.

This Middle School Student’s Answer Makes Her Teacher Give Up

This student’s answer made the teacher give up. (TikTok/ afniwahyuni24)

“Guava,” he answered briefly with a flat face.

“Huh? Guava?” The teacher’s response was surprised.

The teacher laughed at the student’s answer. The other students who were queuing were also made to laugh out loud at their friend’s answer.

The viral video of students answering the root 25 question is guava immediately reaping various comments from surprised netizens.

“If the average math problem is yes, the answer is numbers instead of guava (crying emoji)” netizen comments.

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“Even if it’s wrong, at least answer numbers. How can you think of guava (crying emoji)” said another.

“Maybe he remembers there are 25 guava roots, right?” More responses with laughing emoji.

“Trying positive thinking, who knows he thinks the guava tree has 25 roots,” added another netizen.

It is known that guessing questions is a condition for students to take their cellphones which are collected at the teacher’s office. So, if the student correctly answers the question, the teacher may take his cell phone.

On the other hand, if you answered the wrong question from the teacher, you had to stand in line again to get another question.