October 1, 2022


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Give Flowers to the Bride, This Boy is Called Courageous!

Giving gifts, envelopes, or gifts directly to the bride and groom is a very common thing. The moment of giving wedding gifts is usually done carefully so that it is not too flashy and invites the attention of more people.

However, this is different from what is done by a brave boy whose story has also enlivened social media, especially Instagram.

In a video uploaded by the Instagram account @Jakarta.Hard on Thursday (16/6/2022), it is seen that the bride is sitting with her husband on the aisle while playing with her cellphone.

Suddenly a boy in a black and white shirt came to the bride and groom to the aisle while hiding his right hand behind his body.

Then, the bride immediately turned to the boy who suddenly bowed before giving a yellow flower.

After the flower was received by the bride, the boy did not come down from the aisle. Instead, he demonstrated the movements of a knight by bending down and placing his right hand on his chest, while his left hand on his back.

Seeing his action, the bride felt so exasperated that very gently the bride hit the flower on the boy’s head while smiling. Meanwhile, the husband seemed to be doing nothing and still sitting relaxed beside his wife who was getting flowers.

“Sat set sat set,” wrote the Instagram account Jakarta. Keras as the upload caption as quoted by the author, Thursday (16/6/2022).

Just uploaded an hour ago, but this video already has 59.3K likes, and also has 1,235 comments.

This video also caught the attention of netizens who also watched. With a very short duration, many Instagram users have praised the boy’s courage.

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Handsome and brave,“said one Instagram user in the comments column.

“He is handsome and brave,added another user.

Sip, one set, one set,” write another comment.

Many have praised the bravery of this boy, especially since it is known that he has down syndrome. His bold and still polite actions actually received support.

“I call him brave and brave,” a netizen commented.