September 27, 2022

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Give a Simple Birthday Surprise to Her Husband for the First Time, This One Wife Makes Netizens Touched

Birthday is an important moment for someone. No wonder when the birthday there will be a surprise to make people born on that day happy.

This pregnant woman also wants to give happiness to her husband. She gave a birthday surprise for her husband for the first time.

The moment was captured in a short video re-uploaded by the world’s Instagram_kaumhawa social media account. Video footage shows a large pregnant woman carrying a birthday cake.

On that day was the birthday of her beloved husband. She wanted to give a simple surprise on her husband’s birthday for the first time.

The pregnant mother brought her husband a simple birthday cake that said ‘HBD my husband’. The look on her face looked so happy waiting for the return of her husband who said goodbye for a while. She walked around the room to await her husband’s arrival.

This pregnant woman admitted that she was nervous about waiting for her husband to come home. When the husband came he immediately sang happy birthday.

The husband smiled happily to get a birthday surprise from his wife. Despite being pregnant, his wife took pains to prepare a surprise for her birthday.

Happy Husband Given Birthday Surprise

Husband is very happy to get a birthday surprise. (Instagram/world_youth)

The husband then blew out the candles that were on the birthday cake. The husband then kissed his wife’s forehead.

“Happy birthday to the future father of my child, my friend, be a good father and husband and love your family,” pregnant mother’s prayer for her husband.

Until this article was compiled, the video has received 124 thousand views on Instagram reels and more than 6 thousand likes. The video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to provide feedback in the comments column.

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Many netizens were also happy to see the happiness of the husband and wife.

“See it, I’m grinning, guys. I hope you will always be happy, fortune flows freely, sis and husband,” said one netizen.

“His wife looks very happy, God,” added another.

“Join happy, join nervously afraid the cake will fall,” other comments.

“I focus on the spirit of his wife. Always make your wife happy before she becomes a lion or a monster in her own house,” another netizen said.