October 1, 2022


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(G)I-DLE Successfully Holds JUST ME Concert ( )I-DLE in Seoul

One of girl group popular in the fourth generation, (G)I-DLE has officially started their 2022 world tour titled ‘JUST ME ( )I-DLE’. Starting with the weekend concert at Olympic Hall Seoul from June 17-19, Minnie and friends managed to conquer 2,500 spectators on the first day with their impressive performance. powerful.

Launch All Kpop‘JUST ME ( )I-DLE’ is the group’s first face-to-face concert since debut. Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE previously held an online concert for fans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The five members of the group channeled their excitement with a powerful performance that was broken down into five thematic segments: ‘[HEROiNE: Cliché] JUST ME (G)I-DLE’ is filled with the visual color group’s trademark, ‘a tragic HEROiNE’ featuring traditional Korean elements, ‘I NEVER DIE’ starting a live band amalgamation, pop-punk stunning ‘THiS iS My ATTiTUDE,’ and lastly, the stage encore ‘iT NEVER ENDS: NEVERLAND’.

The concert began with the song “Oh My God” and the familiar sound of a bell, then continued with “VILLAIN DIES,” debut single “LATATA,” “Blow Your Mind,” “Senorita,” and a summer-filled set of “DUMDi DUMDi.” ” and “LUV U,” complete with a tropical backdrop and gold ribbons falling over the stage and crowd. The second segment combined traditional Korean folk motifs, with the members wearing white and red floral dresses, then continued with the performances of “HANN (Alone in the Winter)”, “HANN (Alone)”, “Moon”, “Already”, and “HWAA”. which reflects the delicate mood of these songs’ concepts. Next up is the third segment, (G)I-DLE featuring their 2019 ‘Queendom’ singles “Lion” and “Liar,” where not with their backing dancers but also live band, who remained behind them for the remainder of the concert. Next, the members returned for the fourth segment of the concert, the performance of the song “Never Stop Me” to run around the stage and interact with live band. girl groups CUBE Entertainment’s upbringing changed genre when they performed “Uh Oh”, “My Bag”, and the all-member version of single K/DA “POP/STARS”, which initially only featured Miyeon and Soyeon.

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The funny moment when talking about how difficult the choreography for “Uh Oh” and “My Bag” was, Miyeon and Shuhua played around like entering a contest twerkingsuddenly made the audience laugh when they decided to decide which one could do the “My Bag” dance better.

In the last segment, (G)I-IDLE returns for part encore the concert, the group was surprised by the fan event during their performance of “i’M THE TREND” when each audience held up a sign that read “Look at the purple light that sparkles for all of you here”, a play on the lyrics of the song. The members were moved by being seen with tears in their eyes reminiscing about that special night. Then, the group closed the show with an intimate performance of the song “Polaroid”, with the image of a polaroid appearing on the stage screen that read “Today we will always remember: 2022.06.17”.

Of course, the excitement of the concert could not be separated from the fans waving their lightsticks in the air and joining in shouting fan chant each for each song, which energizes the performance balanced by the energy of the audience. Fans shouted and clapped to praise the performance of their favorite group. Audiences actually brought back an important element of live shows that was unheard of during the pandemic.

After the show in Seoul, ‘JUST ME ( )I-DLE’ will continue overseas in North America (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta), Chile (Santiago), Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey), Indonesia (Jakarta), Philippines (Manila), Japan (Tokyo), and Singapore.

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