December 1, 2022

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Getting to know India’s unique ritual, the boy is thrown into cow dung hoping for good luck

Every country has a culture that is different from other countries. Getting to know the culture of other countries is certainly fun to know.

The Indian culture is no exception. Quoting from a video uploaded to the Instagram social media account, say.viideo shows a unique ritual from India, namely throwing a child into cow dung hoping for good luck.

The ritual of throwing children into cow dung is carried out by residents of Betul Village in Mandhya Pradesh, India. The ritual is usually performed the day after the Diwali ceremony.

For those who don’t know, Diwali ceremony is the biggest celebration of Hindu society in India. To carry out the ritual of throwing children into cow dung requires the cooperation of the parents.

So, before the ritual the parents will collect cow dung which is then piled up in a large area. Starting the ritual, the women present will say a prayer called “Gowardhan Pooja”.

After the Gowardhan Pooja, parents will throw their children into piles of cow dung decorated with orange flowers. The parents seemed enthusiastic in throwing their children in the cow dung.

Because, it is believed that after throwing a child into cow dung, he hopes to get good luck. Through this ritual, it is also believed that it will protect children from various types of diseases.

Hoping for good luck

The ritual moment of a boy being thrown in cow dung. (Instagram/

Hindu priests in India believe that cow urine and dung can cure disease because cows are considered to be like a mother figure.

Cows both suckle their calves. The people there themselves believe that cow dung and urine are used to clean the house from bad bacteria.

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The ritual is carried out for almost a full day from morning to evening. This unique ritual actually should not be followed carelessly by children.

The condition is that children who are at least 1 year old can only follow this unique ritual. However, there are still parents who don’t care so that their toddlers are desperate to be thrown into cow dung.

During the ritual, children were seen crying, struggling, and even kicking when thrown in cow dung.