August 8, 2022

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Getting to know Hara Hachi Bu, the Japanese Diet that is Believed to Make Longevity

Japan is known for having the highest life expectancy in the world. As reported by, the Japanese population itself has the highest life expectancy in the world, especially among women. Japanese men have an average life expectancy of 81.1 years. Meanwhile, Japanese women have an average life expectancy of 87 years.

Well, if you say that one of the reasons Japanese people live long is the matter of choosing food. Yes, you are right. Say, Japanese people eat raw seafood such as sushi and sashimi because apart from being fresh and the ocean that surrounds it is minimally polluted, the nutrients and nutrients contained in these foods will be reduced when cooked.

Not only that, they also apply a healthy diet that will make them live long, stay young, and have a slim body. you knowthis diet is named Hara Hachi Bu.

1. Understanding Hara Hachi Bu

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Hara Hachi Bu comes from a Japanese sentence when it translates to “Eat until it is filled 80% of your stomach capacity” a reminder for you to leave at least 20% space in your stomach after eating, not to be full. This greatly facilitates the performance of the gastric peristaltic muscles in crushing food so that in addition to getting a slim and ideal body, this diet also helps keep us away from various gastric health problems such as obesity, diabetes, gastric acid reflux, and metabolic disorders.

Reported from Cleveland ClinicSusan Albers, a psychologist doctor, said that this approach (Hara Hachi Bu) is quite helpful because it can instruct you to stop eating before you are full.

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“This is good advice for people who like to overeat or who are learning how to fill their stomachs in moderation.” said Dr. Albers. “Aiming to fill 80% of the stomach capacity, will likely help you in achieving the ideal waist circumference.”

2. How to apply Hara Hachi Bu to be more effective

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illustration of eating ( McGuire)

Knowing the stomach capacity has reached 80% full or not is difficult to know. Moreover, there are certain factors that make a person feel hungry quickly even though he just finished eating food, this can happen because it is influenced by an unhealthy lifestyle to a person’s psychological problems. If you want to diet Hara Hachi Bu If this works, here are a series of tips that can be applied:

Eating too quickly and too quickly will only make us want to eat again. Eat slowly and chew your food well.

If you want to eat, you should avoid watching TV or holding a smartphone that will distract you and fail to focus.

  • Use small portions

The trick is to use small plates and long glasses. Automatically, it will help you eat in small portions.

3. The effect of this diet on the body

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oats image (

It should be noted that diet Hara Hachi Bu it originates from Okinawa prefecture, in Japan. Still quoted from the article Cleveland ClinicAccording to the Hara Hachi Bu diet, Okinawans’ daily calorie intake is only around 1,900. Slightly further than the number of calories consumed by Americans which ranges from more than 2,500. The elderly in Okinawa, look fit and ideal body even when stepping on the average age of more than 100 years. Moreover, they also like to do healthy activities such as gardening, walking, and climbing mountains. Inevitably, awarded a long life.

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That was about the diet pattern Hara Hachi Bu. After reading this article, are you interested in applying?