May 30, 2023

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Get to know the VBAC Childbirth Method Undertaken by Vebby Palwinta

Artist couple Vebby Palwinta and Razi Bawazier are happy. The reason is, on Wednesday (15/3/2023) their second child, a boy, was born. Interestingly, Vebby Palwinta underwent a normal birth process after previously having her first child through a cesarean delivery.

VBACs or Vaginal Birth After C-Section as experienced by Vebby Palwinta could have happened if conditions allowed. However, of course the condition of the mother and fetus must be in good health and there are no obstructing conditions.

So, to find out more about the VBAC method, here is the complete information as reported from

Get to know VBACs

VBACs or Vaginal Birth After C-Section is a normal delivery method that is carried out after a person has previously experienced a cesarean delivery.

Generally, if someone has had a cesarean delivery, then in the next delivery it is also recommended to have another cesarean. However, there are several conditions that make it possible to give birth normally.

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VBAC requirements

Before choosing the VBAC delivery method, the doctor will check the condition of the mother and fetus. There are several conditions for someone to be able to do a VBAC, for example a history of caesarean section not more than 2 times, no uterine abnormalities, no history of tearing of the uterine wall during childbirth, and a normal fetal position.

If a person meets these requirements and the doctor allows VBAC to be carried out, it is very likely that the VBAC delivery process can run smoothly.

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Benefits of VBACs

By using this VBAC delivery method, a person can experience the normal delivery process. In addition, there are several other benefits that can be felt. For example, the recovery process after giving birth is faster, preventing the risks of surgical complications, such as heavy bleeding and infection, and also preventing the formation of scar tissue or wounds.

In addition, the VBAC method is also beneficial for babies such as reducing the risk of respiratory problems in babies, and increasing the baby’s immune system because it gets good bacteria on its way through the birth canal normally.

So, that’s a glimpse of the VBAC delivery method performed by Vebby Palwinta. As long as the health conditions of the mother and fetus are in good condition and meet the requirements, VBAC can be done.

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