October 6, 2022


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Get to know the 5 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters Apart from Denji

If made a list of the most powerful characters Chainsaw Man, Denji must be one of them. He is the protagonist of this series and has the power of the Chainsaw Devil which is extraordinary. Denji can’t be killed. When the enemy manages to kill him, Denji will continue to rise.

Denji has opponents and friends whose strength is equal to his. They color Denji’s bloody journey. Well, here is a row of the most powerful characters in Chainsaw Man besides Denji.

1. Hell Devil

Hell Devil Illustration [chainsaw-man.fandom]

The Devil of Hell is a representation of the fear of Hell. He was in the form of a centaur, whose mouth was obscured by the shape of a flesh surrounded by fire. His hideous mouth will only show when he grins.

The Devil of Hell sometimes appears in the form of a large hand with six fingers. He will appear from the heavenly door that connects one of the hells. This is the path that sends people to a certain hell. What makes him difficult to beat is that he has a healing ability when drinking blood which allows him to recover from all injuries and wounds.

2. Makima

Makima illustration [sumber: wall.alphacoders.com]
Makima illustration [wall.alphacoders]

Makima is a member of the Demon Hunters in the Public Security Bureau and also the person who brought Denji to the Demon Hunter group. Makima’s power is formed because he is a Control Devil who is able to control anyone who has lower power than him.

In addition, he is also able to force demons to make a contract with him so that he becomes stronger. Well, Makima’s power cannot be underestimated. He can even break Pochita’s chainsaw with just a punch.

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3. Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil illustration [sumber: wallpaperflare.com]
Darkness Devil illustration [wallpaperflare]

The Darkness Devil’s strength lies in his ability to manifest human fear of darkness. This power of his made him immortal and untouchable. He also possessed another unreasonable power that could make others bleed with just one glance.

With this terrifying ability, he can kill people without making contact with them. He will cover the person with the darkness he has so that the person can not do anything.

4. Gun Devil

Gun Devil Illustration [sumber: wallpaperflare.com]
Gun Devil Illustration [wallpaperflare.com]

Gun Devil is a demon who represents the fear of weapons as well as being one of Denji’s enemies who is incredibly strong. He is the second antagonist in the Public Security saga. Well this gun Devil is a gun-headed devil with arms that resemble a rifle. His speed is amazing and can kill many people in a short time. The speed that the Gun Devil has can burn other people’s bodies. Its power can increase substantially when a demon swallows chunks of its flesh.

5. Santa Claus

Santa Claus Illustration [sumber: chainsaw-man.fandom.com/]
Santa Claus Illustration [chainsaw-man.fandom.com]

The main antagonist in the International Assassin arc is the most dangerous villain. Makima once said that his crime was terrible. Santa Claus can contract with four demons at once, one of which is Darkness Devil, a very powerful demon.

He also has a power that can be called a Doll Devil which makes other people fight and become his puppets. In addition, he can also use the Hell Devil capable of sending people to hell.

Chainsaw Man has a lot of characters who have great power. Seeing them, Denji seemed to be faced with great danger. Some of them are from the 5 characters above.

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