August 14, 2022

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Get to know Irelia Come on! Multifunctional Champion League of Legends: Wild Rift

For lovers of mobile game genre multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) may be familiar with League of Legends. Since two years ago, League of Legends began to try games for smart phone devices. The game, titled Wild Rift, can already be enjoyed in Indonesia.

Irelia is one of the champions of League of Legends: Wild Rift who is the favorite of the players, not without reason. This champion is a multi-functional champion because it has skill kits complete.

Not a few people use Irelia for various places, be it in Baron Lane, Mid Laneeven Jungle. Performance in all three roles is fairly good and stable.

Unfortunately, using Irelia is quite complicated at the beginning because the damage it produces is relatively low. So you need the right strategy and get to know this champion further before testing in the game.

Get to know Irelia’s Skills

Irelia Wild Rift Skills – (

Launch YouTube channel Kurohiko, skills Irelia’s passive if it hits the enemy, that’s fine minionmonsters, creepsand champion, then Irelia gets stack.

1 stack generated can provide 15% attack speed for 6 seconds. Meanwhile, the effect stack the maximum yield is 4, which means an increase in attack speed can be up to 60%.

When the stack collected has reached the maximum or is 4, then basic attack Irelia can spawn bonuses magic damage. The duration of this passive skill lasts for 6 seconds.

However, the duration of this passive will auto-reset if Irelia attacks or hits a large enemy. For example the big monster in the area Jungle or opposing champions.

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Skills 1 Irelia is fairly sophisticated, at skills This is Irelia throwing a dash at the target that gives physical damage. In addition, when throwing skills 1 on the opponent, Irelia is able to heal herself.

Effect heal given is also fairly large, which is 20% of attack damage thrown at the enemy. Then the higher physical damage thrown at the opponent, the more effect heal obtained.

If skills This 1 is in a cool down condition, can you auto-reset if skills 1 hit the target unit, or the enemy has a mark or mark.

sign or mark this is useful for raising stack on passive skills. Meanwhile, this mark can only be thrown at big enemies.

Skills This 2 Irelia is good for acting defensively. When choosing skills The 2 duration of holding it will depend on the size physical damage received by the enemy.

Press duration skills 2 a maximum of 1.5 seconds. In addition when using skills 2, Irelia won’t be able to be bothered or hit spell During skills 2 on hold. Damage received can be reduced by up to 50%.

Skills 3 can be used for summon 2 dagger which connects the dagger one to dagger other. Dagger this can generate magic damage and stun for 1 second.

Not only in skills 1, di skills 3 even Irelia can give a sign or mark on the enemy.

In Skills 4 Irelia will throw all daggerif it hits an enemy be it a monster or a champion, dagger it will build barrier.

barrier this if hit by the opponent will be hit damage and effects slow to 90% for 1.5 seconds. Skills 4 can also give a signal to reset stack skills 1.

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Irelia -
Irelia –

It turns out that it’s easy and difficult to use this champion. Regardless of having mastered the use of the skill set from Irealia.

Make sure when using this champion, build items and the spell used is correct role which he played. Every role Irelia has build items and spell different and influencing skills passive and skills the whole.

These influential things include: damage given and shield that appear during the war. So, are you interested in trying this champion?