December 6, 2022

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Get to know 7 signs a guy is just playing with you

As a woman who wants to be in a relationship with a guy, maybe you should recognize some signs that a guy is serious or just playing with you. This is important enough that you don’t wonder after you’ve missed it all, what happened to you and the guy. What have you been all this time? How about the continuation of your relationship?

You may subconsciously allow him to fool you, play tricks on you, and actually don’t want you to be his partner. It’s a waste of time that ends in heartache, isn’t it?

Here are 7 signs of a guy you should avoid because he’s just playing with you.

1. Want to date, but don’t want to have a relationship status

If you go on a date with a guy who you think is really attractive, considerate, but then he tells you that he doesn’t want to have a relationship status right now, then right then and there you need to set your boundaries again and move on. You can no longer expect him to be your partner.

2. Just flirt, but don’t ask out on a date

You may know the man from work, public places, gyms, stations, bus stops, and so on. If the guy only flirts with you when you meet, or flirts with you via text, without asking you out. So he’s just playing with you.

3. Says you’ve never been in love before

Some women may feel more attracted to a man who has never been in love. But before you believe it, try to find the background first. Maybe he was just lying. Saying never been in love before will probably make you feel the luckiest for making him fall in love. If he hasn’t fallen in love and is over 40 years old, then he says he doesn’t want to fall in love, then you should leave immediately and don’t fall in love with him.

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4. Sending the same message to other girls

Men do like to send messages. Then, is the man you have really the only woman he loves? Don’t waste your time on guys who are overly friendly and like to text with other girls. Because if he is serious and makes you the only woman he loves, he will not spend his time texting with other women.

5. He never gets excited about your meeting

When you call and ask him to do something, he agrees to meet you. But he never started anything. Is he lazy? Maybe, but a more likely motivation is that he’s just spending time with you rather than being lonely.

6. Don’t want your relationship to be known by many people

You might be glad he made you his partner. He often visits you to do Netflix and chill. But he forbids you to talk to other people, or just upload photos of you spending time together on social media. Maybe he can’t risk being seen in public with other women because he’s in a relationship with someone else?

7. He said “just go first”

When there is a man who is approaching, then he says “just go ahead” you have to get ready immediately. This is because he may actually not be ready to have a relationship with you with a clearer status and more than just a friend.

Those are 7 signs a guy is just playing with you. Be careful, and fall in love with yourself first!